2005 DOE CSGF Annual Program Review Presentations

Tuesday, June 21 – Thursday, June 23
Washington Court Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, June 21
David Keyes Columbia University Scientific Discovery Through Advanced Computing
Session I
Marcelo Alvarez University of Texas, Austin First Light in the Universe: Primordial Stars and Reionization
Sommer Gentry Massachusetts Institute of Technology Maximizing paired kidney donation
Seung Lee Massachusetts Institute of Technology Transitional Flow in a Stenosed Carotid Artery
Amy Langville
(Luncheon speaker)
North Carolina State University Computing and Information Retrieval: The Big Picture
2005 Howes Scholar Award
Ryan Elliott University of Minnesota Computing Bifurcation and Stability Properties of Crystals
Judith Hill Carnegie Mellon University Phase Field Methods for Flows with Elastic Membranes
Session II
Matthew Wolinsky Duke University Fluid Flow in Evolving Sedimentary Deposits
Richard Katz Columbia University The deep roots of volcanos: localization instabilities in a continuum model of magma dynamics
Sam Schofield University of Arizona Blips, Coils, and Pedals: Instabilities of negatively buoyant jets in fluids with stable density stratification
Wednesday, June 22
Session III
Heath Hanshaw University of Michigan Linear Solution Preservation and Diffusive Solutions for SN Radiation Transport
Matthew McNenly University of Michigan Investigating the use of low-discrepancy sequences in particle simulations for rarefied gas flows
Nathaniel Morgan Georgia Institute of Technology A New Liquid-Vapor Phase Transition Technique for the Level Set Method
Mary Ann Leung University of Washington Making Schrödinger cats from Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) with massively parallel processors
Kristopher Andersen University of California, Davis Large-scale electronic structure calculations
Michael Greminger University of Minnesota The Integration of Computational Solid Models and Computer Vision for Sensing Control, and Manipulation at the Microscale
Thursday, June 23
Session IV
Ahna Girshick University of California, Berkeley Why Pictures Look Right when Viewed from the Wrong Place
Randall McDermott University of Utah Toward one-dimensional turbulence subgrid closure for large-eddy simulation
Elijah Newren University of Utah A Computational Method for Simulating the Interaction between Fluid and Elastic Structures
Kevin Chu Princeton University Less is More: Efficient Numerics for Model Physics Problems in Simple Geometries