Wednesday, June 22 — 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Grand Ballroom

Group I — Presenting from 5:00 – 6:00 pm
1Krzysztof FidkowskiGrid Adaptation for High-Order Finite Element Discretizations
Applied Mathematics
3Nawaf Bou-RabeeParallel Computational Dynamical Systems
5Jimena DavisComparison of Two Approximation Methods in the Estimation of Growth Rate Distributions in Size-Structured Mosquitofish Populations
7Amber SallersonClosure and numerical simulation of a new class of multiphase flow and transport models
9Gregory NovakThe Structure of Simulated Galaxy Remnants Compared to Observations
11William TriffoModeling Intracellular Ion Transport in the Outer Hair Cell
13Joshua WaterfallSloppy Models - predictions and parameter estimation in multiparameter nonlinear models
15Michael WuWhat’s beyond second order? Kernel regression techniques for nonlinear functional characterization of visual neurons
Chemical Engineering
17Michael BybeeLarge Scale Simulation of Colloidal Suspensions
19Christina PayneMolecular Dynamics Simulation of a Nanoscale Device for Fast Sequencing of DNA
21Obioma UcheTailoring the S(k) Behaviour of Point Particle Systems
23Matthew McGrathSimulation of Phase Equilibria from First Principles: Applications to Water
25Peter Kekenes-HuskeymoleculeGL: A Recursive, Metropolis Monte Carlo Rotamer-Design Algorithm
Civil Engineering
27Kristine CochranSub-stepping procedures in constitutive modeling for low-cycle fatigue applications
Computational Biology
29Bree AldridgeSeparating Signaling Space
31Etay ZivBiological Networks: Does Function Follow Form?
Computer Science
33Sarah MoussaNovel Methods for Visualization and Clustering of DNA Microarray Data
35Michael WolfImproving the Parallel Efficiency of Tau3P, a Parallel Electromagnetic Field Solver
Electrical Engineering
37Aron CummingsElectronic Nature of Loops in Carbon Nanotubes
Materials Science
39Brandon WoodFirst-principles Simulation of Superionic Behavior
Nuclear Engineering
41Gregory DavidsonAutomatic Variance Reduction for Monte Carlo Transport
43Jeffrey DroccoDiffusion of Bicoid protein in Drosophila melanogaster embryos
45Mark RudnerParallel Simulation of Quantum Coherent dynamics by Parameterized Time-dependent Hamiltonians (PSiQCoPATH)
Planetary Sciences
47Emma RaineyGrain size-dependent viscosity and the thermal evolution of icy satellites
Virtual Reality
49Alex LindbladVirtual Cutting and Suturing for an Immersive Finite Element Based Bi-Manual Suturing Simulator
Group II — Presenting from 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Applied Mathematics
2Paul BaumanAn Approach to Multi-Scale Modeling Based upon Goal-Oriented Error Estimation and Adaptive Selection of Models
4Jasmine FooSolving the Stochastic Navier-Lamé System with Generalized Polynomial Chaos
6David SchmidtError Correcting Codes and Genetic Sequence Analysis
8Samuel StechmannA Simplified Model for Precipitation Fronts in the Tropics
10Ian ParrishSimulation of the Magnetothermal Instability
12John ZuHoneInvestigating the Central Density Profile of Dark Matter Halos Using Mergers
14Joshua AdelmanThe Mechanochemistry of Rho Transcription Termination Factor
16Michael DriscollReverse-Engineering Microbial Gene Networks with Large-Scale RNA Expression Data Sets
Chemical Engineering
18Erik AllenMeasuring Efficiency of Polymer Monte Carlo Simulations
20Mary BiddyAtomistic and Coarse Grained Models for Property Predictions of Environmentally Friendly Lubricants
22Owen HehmeyerMolecular Modeling of Tethered Polyelectrolytes
Civil and Environmental Engineering
24Michael BaradAn Embedded Boundary Adaptive Mesh Refinement Method for Environmental Flows
26Michael VeilleuxThree-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Realistic Polycrystalline Geometries
Computational Biology
28Amoolya SinghLinks between carbon source selection and anaerobiosis in Shewanella oneidensis
Computer Science
30Yan KarklinWhat do statistical models of natural images tell us about visual processing in the brain?
32Bonnie KirkpatrickConstructing Phylogenies under the Rich Data Hypothesis
Engineering Mechanics
34Brian TaylorDetonation dynamics in the shock-attached frame
36David PotereForest Harvest Mapping along the Appalachian Trail using Supervised Decision Tree Classifiers and Landsat Imagery
Mechanical Engineering
38William ConleyMultiple atom stick-slip motion in Friction Force Microscopy
40Mary DunlopRobustness and Evolvability in Synthetic Gene Circuits
Nuclear Engineering
42Allan WollaberA Monte Carlo-Deterministic Method for Global Transport Calculations
Physical Chemistry
44Tod PascalNon-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Spherical Solute in a Nanopore: Coupled Continuum/Atomistic Simulation
46Mala RadhakrishnanErythropoietin: A Case Study for Understanding Cytokine Signaling and Potency
48Teresa BaileyA Piecewise Linear Finite Element Discretization of the Diffusion Equation
50Jaydeep BardhanBoundary Element Methods for Biomolecule Electrostatics