DEIXIS, The DOE CSGF Annual, highlights the diverse research and professional experiences of program fellows and alumni. Toggle through our 15 issues and click on an individual image to download a PDF copy of that particular issue. Contact us to request a printed copy of the current issue.

2017 Highlights

Fellow Profiles:

  • Kathleen Alexander, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – computing grain boundary properties.
  • Adam Richie-Halford, University of Washington – quantum properties of neutron star matter.
  • Alexander Turner, Harvard University – modeling methane gas sources.
  • David Ozog, University of Oregon – accelerating computational chemistry codes.

Alumni Profiles:

  • Amanda Randles, Duke University – simulating the human circulatory system.
  • Brandon Wood, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – researching materials for hydrogen storage.
  • Jenelle Bray, LinkedIn – stopping scammers and scrapers.

Winning CYSE Contest Essay: Hilary Egan on computing exoplanet properties.

Howes Scholar in Computational Science: Eric Isaacs, Northwestern University

Interview: Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory – artificial intelligence