Savannah River National Laboratory

Coordinator: Stephanie Gamble

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As a multi-program applied science national laboratory operated by the Battelle Savannah River Alliance, Savannah River National Lab’s focus is to deliver high-quality scientific and technology solutions, while creating a modern support infrastructure of functional organizations to enable growth in new programs and technical areas. Savannah River National Lab (SRNL) sustains its continued research and development excellence by a growing program in fundamental science. SRNL’s advanced engineering efforts, coupled with innovative computational- and data-science approaches, deploy practical science-based tools that address some of the nation’s most challenging problems and are aligned with the Department of Energy’s vision.

Savannah River National Lab applies its knowledge in the chemical, physical, material, and nuclear sciences and engineering design to discover new materials, improve system performance, advance manufacturing, augment inspection approaches, enhance energy systems, and drive new control strategies for critical assets. Moving forward, SRNL is growing its capabilities in high-performance computing platforms and developing sophisticated models, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. SRNL continues to “put science to work.”

A practicum at the Savannah River National Lab offers an opportunity to work in a DOE laboratory applying computational approaches in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Separation Science
  • Radiochemistry and Actinide Science
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Cyber Security
  • Nonproliferation
  • Hydrogen and Tritium Processing

SNRL Research

SRNL is fortunate to have a unique role within the Department of Energy’s national laboratory family for two specific reasons:

  1. SRNL is the nation’s leading research and development center for the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management and Office of Legacy Management.
  2. SRNL continues to serve a critical role for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in both weapons and nonproliferation programs.

SRNL provides integrated technical solutions that are both modern and practical to address complex technical challenges of environmental cleanup and national security programs mission needs.

Computational researchers are offered lead and collaborative opportunities which include:

  • Applying chemical processing and characterization skills to protect the environment and further national needs and global security
  • Protecting the environment and further national security processes by developing innovative technologies to treat and safely store nuclear waste
  • Identifying novel approaches to maintain aging infrastructure exposed to extreme conditions
  • Developing solutions to remediate soil and groundwater
  • Forging solutions that enable global security and stability
  • Leveraging transformative technologies to address emerging challenges
  • Designing engineering solutions that enable global energy and economic security and stability

SRNL delivers physics-informed data-driven approaches with expertise in computational engineering and science, process and systems modeling, and statistics and data analytics.