Download/print the official 11x17 recruitment poster.

The annual DOE CSGF application process typically begins in the fall with the opening of the online application. It concludes the following spring when formal acceptance is required of those selected to comprise the newest class of fellows.

Eligible candidates have the option to apply for either the DOE CSGF Science & Engineering Track or the DOE CSGF Math/CS Track.

Once open, the online application is composed of 16 individual sections which can be completed in any order and over multiple visits to the secure site. A check list has been incorporated for easy tracking of progress toward completion as well as a mechanism to track the status of the applicant’s reference letter submissions, transcripts, etc.

Supporting Materials Required to Complete Application

  • Transcripts: Request an official transcript from each university or college you have attended, including your current fall transcript. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the university, either via mail or through an e-transcript system. Transcripts sent by an applicant will not be accepted regardless of delivery method.
  • Green Card: If you are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) of the United States, you must send a copy of the front and back of your Green Card to the Krell Institute as a requirement of the application.
  • References: We recommend that you use the link within our online system to notify references of your request for letters. The system will send your references an email with a link to our online system where they can submit a letter. Alternatively, you can download either a PDF or MSWord version of the reference form for their use.
  • Program of Study: Generate your Program of Study (POS) with your graduate advisor's assistance. If you cannot get a graduate advisor at your preferred institution to review your POS, ask your current advisor to help you generate and approve the proposed POS. You will be required to check a box on the final submission page that confirms that both you and your advisor approve of the POS before you are able to press the "Final Submission" button. An email will be sent to your advisor, once you submit your application, with the list of submitted coursework. If you are chosen for a fellowship, you and your advisor will be asked to sign the POS and return it to the Krell Institute.

After Submission

  • Confirmation: You will receive an email confirming your application has been submitted. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours please contact us.  Print the completed application and keep a copy of it for your files.
  • Application Status: You can check the status of your application via the online system at any time, even after final submission.
  • Application Deadline: It is the applicant's responsibility to see that all application and supporting materials are received by the stated deadline of Wednesday, January 18, 2023. That said, Krell Institute will continue to accept transcripts and reference letters beyond that date and into the review period. Log into your application at any time to check the status of received/outstanding documents.

Application information will be used solely for the purpose of selecting fellows and administering the program. Please note that materials submitted in support of this application will be considered confidential as described in the Krell Institute Fellowship Privacy Statement. It is the applicant's responsibility to read and understand this policy. All applications from students who do not receive funding are destroyed after the selection and awarding process.