DOE laboratory staff (including several alums) provide practicum, post-doc and career insight at each summer's program review.

Department of Energy laboratory staff, including a group of world-class scientists, are an integral part of the DOE CSGF community.  Laboratory staff become and stay involved with the fellowship by:

  • Participating at the annual program review, where they interact with fellows and other attendees, give keynote talks, and host booths at the DOE Laboratory Poster Session
  • Serving as practicum coordinators, helping fellows find appropriate research mentors and providing assistance throughout their practicum experiences
  • Hosting fellows during their practicum, collaborating on breaking research developments
  • Attending regional social gatherings where they give thought-provoking talks and provide informal mentoring and networking opportunities
  • Contributing to the private online community, including information about potential practicum and job opportunities
  • Sharing information about career and job opportunities