Wednesday, June 20 — 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Grand Ballroom

Group I — Presenting from 5:00 – 6:30 pm
Aerospace Engineering
1Peter NorgaardInstability Induced Current Redistribution in a Spherical Torus
Applied Mathematics
3Jimena DavisUsing Confidence Bands to Quantify Uncertainty in the Estimation of Probability Distributions
5John EvansIsogeometric Analysis Using T-Splines
7Jasmine FooNumerical Examples and Convergence Rates for the Multi-Element Probabilistic Collocation Method
9Amber Sallerson JacksonModeling Multiphase Flow in Porous Medium Systems
11Michael SekoraGodunov Methods for Stiff Source Term Conservation Laws and Radiation Hydrodynamics
13Benjamin SondayAn example of hysteresis in multiscale computational materials science
15John ZuHoneSimulations of Galaxy Clusters with the FLASH code
17Tal DaninoPatterning of vascular mesenchymal cells in three dimensions
19Jeremy LewiOptimal Design of Neurophysiology Experiments
21Joshua AdelmanCoarse-grain Modeling of Nucleic Acid-Protein Interaction
Chemical Engineering
23Erik AllenA Novel Algorithm For Creating Density Dependent Implicit Solvent Models
25Jordan AtlasComputer Models of Bacterial Cells: From Generalized Coarse-Grained to Genome-Specific Modular Models
27Kevin KohlstedtSpontaneous chirality via long-range electrostatic forces
29Jenelle BrayPredictions of the Binding Sites of Agonists and Antagonists to Serotonin 2c
31David RogersAbsolute Solvation Free Energies from Quasi-Chemical Theory
Electrical Engineering
33Mark BerrillModeling of a Seeded Table-Top Soft X-Ray Laser Amplifier
35Ethan CoonUpscaling for Multiphase Porous Flow
37Kristi HarrisNanowire Reliability: Atomistic Simulation of Electromigration in Nanoscale Metallic Interconnects
39Carolyn PhillipsNeural Computation: The Influence of Medial Entorhinal Cortex Grid Cells on the Creation of Memory in the Hippocampus
41Christopher SchroederQuark ... Soup?!
Group II — Presenting from 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Applied Mathematics
2Julianne ChungHyBR: A Method for Solving Ill-Posed Problems arising in Image Processing
4David KetchesonWENOCLAW: A High Order Wave Propagation Method
6Oaz NirInferring Gene Regulatory Relationships in Drosophila Using Cell Morphology Data
8Natalie OstroffA Synthetic Oscillating Gene Circuit for S. cerevisiae
Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering
10Michael BybeeMicrostructure and Dynamics of Colloidal Suspensions with Attractive and Repulsive Interactions
12Ashlee FordModeling Controlled-Release Drug Delivery from PLGA Microspheres
Civil and Environmental Engineering
14Brian LevineNational airspace model: Stochastic optimization of flight frequencies after airport losses
16Michael VeilleuxTesting of a Fracture Mechanics-Based Criterion for Fatigue Crack Incubation in 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy Microstructures
Computational Biology
18Miler Lee“Self containment,” a property of RNA structures, distinguishes microRNA precursors
20David MarkowitzTick-Tock: How Global Oscillatory “Clocks” May Support Computation In The Brain
Computer Science
22Arnab BhattacharyyaAdaptively Satisfying Constraints in the Presence of Noise
24Bonnie KirkpatrickHaploPool: Accurately and Quickly Phasing Pooled DNA Samples
Electrical Engineering
26Zlatan AksamijaPhonon Emission in Silicon
28David PotereA Critical Look at Representations of Urban Areas in Global Maps
Mechanical Engineering
30Asegun HenryThermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes
Operations Research
32Stefan WildDerivative-free Calibration of a Computationally Expensive Watershed Model
34Christopher CareyMagnetohydrodynamic Kink Instability Driven by Differential Rotation
36Jack DeslippeBound Excitons in Metallic Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from First Principles Simulation
38Jeffrey DroccoFormation of the Bicoid morphogen gradient in unfertilized Drosophila melanogaster eggs
40Alejandro RodriguezVirtual photons in imaginary time: Computing exact Casimir forces using standard computational electromagnetism
42Benjamin SmithDecentralized Task Allocation in a Particle Physics Computing Network
Quantitative Biology
44Ariella SassonUnderstanding Mechanisms of Aggregation, Absorption and Effectiveness for DAPY/DATA Anti-AIDS Drugs