First-, second- and third-year students present their research during the annual Fellows' Poster Session.

Tuesday, July 26 — 4:45-7:00 p.m.

Salons H, J & K

Poster Presentation Schedule

Group I — Presenting 5:15-6:00 p.m.
1Hannah De JongDetection of Genetic Engineering Signatures in Potential Pathogen Genomes
3Jordan HoffmannUsing Computation to Understand Insect Embryogenesis
5Alex KellNoise-robustness of Cortical Responses to Natural Sounds Increases from Primary to Non-primary Auditory Cortex
7Danielle RagerProprioception Modulates the Shared Gain of M1 Neurons
9Mukarram TahirMonolayer-protected Nanoparticles can Induce Spontaneous Fusion of Lipid Membranes
11Joy YangIdentifying Mechanisms of Phage-host Interactions
Computer Science
13David OzogA Hartree-Fock Application Using UPC++ and the New DArray Library
15Thomas ThompsonTaskloaf: Simple Distributed Memory Task-parallelism in Python and C++
Earth Science
17Hilary EganPower Prediction in Supercomputing
19Alexander TurnerNetwork Design for Quantifying Urban CO2 Emissions: Assessing Trade-offs Between Precision and Network Density
21Zane CrawfordWhitney Elements for Transient Maxwell Solvers
23Thomas AndersonAn Embedded Boundary High-Order Fourier Continuation Method for PDEs
25Kyle FelkerHigh-order Finite Volume Methods in ATHENA++
27Daniel ReyThe Conditioning of Dynamical Inverse Problems
31Nicholas BoffiParallel Simulation of Shear Banding in Three-dimensional Metallic Glasses
35Chelsea HarrisConstraining the Properties of Thin, Low-mass Circumstellar Shells Around Type Ia Supernovae
37Julian Kates-HarbeckDisruption Prediction in Fusion Plasmas Using Recurrent Neural Networks
39Aditi KrishnapriyanComputational Methods for Elucidating Phase Transitions in 2-D Materials
41Ryan McKinnonA Statistical Study of Global Dust Properties in Cosmological Astrophysical Simulations
43Kathleen WeichmanLaser Wakefield Acceleration With Small-angle Colliding Pulses
Group II — Presenting 6:15-7:00 p.m.
2Jonathan GootenbergLearning RNA Targeting Rules of the CRISPR Effector C2c2
4Isha JainHypoxia as a Therapy for Mitochondrial Disease
6Helena QiA Systematic Survey of Close Contacts in the Protein Data Bank
8Adam RiesselmanVisual Convolutional Neural Graph Fingerprints in Theano
10Alexander WilliamsSparse, Smooth and Demixed Dimensionality Reduction for High-dimensional Neural Time Series Datasets
Computer Science
12Alnur AliThe Multiple Quantile Graphical Model
14Adam SealfonNetwork Oblivious Transfer and Infrastructure for Secure Multiparty Computation
Earth Science
16Richard BarnesEfficient Algorithms for Watershed Analysis
18David PlotkinHurricane Simulation Via Action Minimization
20Emmet ClearyConstructing Inflow Profiles for Large-eddy Simulations Using Dynamic Mode Decomposition
22Gerald WangNanofluidic Adventures at the Liquid-solid Interface
24Maximilian BremerA Positivity-preserving Limiter for the Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation to the Shallow Water Equations
26Carson KentAccelerating MCMC with Active Subspaces
28Jay StotskyA High-order Method for Simulating Flows With Drag-coupled Particles
30Casey BergerHarmonically-trapped Fermions in Three Dimensions: A Hard-wall Approach
32Ian DunnA Microscopic Theory of Dynamics in Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids.
34Morgan HammerNonadiabatic Dynamics Simulations of Excited-state Proton Transfer
36Thomas HoloienASAS-SN: Big Science With Small Telescopes
38Hannah KlionUsing Asteroseismology to Locate Differential Rotation in Red Giants
40Noah MandellHybrid Gyrofluid / Gyrokinetic Simulation of Tokamak Turbulence
42Adam Richie-HalfordQuasi-particle Properties of Neutron Matter