2016 DOE CSGF Annual Program Review Presentations

Monday, July 25 – Thursday, July 28
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel, Arlington, VA

Tuesday, July 26
Robert Voigt Krell Institute Welcome
Franklin (Lynn) M. Orr Under Secretary for Science and Energy, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy Welcome
Kathleen B. Alexander Assistant Deputy Administrator for the Office of Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation; National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S. Department of Energy Welcome
Alumni Keynote
Leslie Dewan Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Transatomic Power; DOE CSGF Alumna Save the World with Nuclear Waste: New Approaches to Nuclear Power
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Session I
Andrew Stershic Duke University Application of Numerical Methods to Study Arrangement and Failure of Lithium-Ion Microstructure
Eric Isaacs Columbia University Strongly Correlated Electrons in Rechargeable Battery Cathodes
(Not Released)
Eileen Martin Stanford University Continuous Near-surface Monitoring With Ambient Noise Collected by Distributed Acoustic Sensing
Anniversary Luncheon
The DOE CSGF at 25: In a class of it's own
2016 Howes Scholar Award
Jeffrey Hittinger Acting Deputy Division Leader and Group Leader, Scientific Computing Group, Center for Applied Scientific Computing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; DOE CSGF Alumnus Announcement of 2016 Frederick Howes Scholars
Aurora Pribram-Jones Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; President's Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley; DOE CSGF Alumna Improving Density Functional Theory for Warm Dense Matter
Alexander S. Rattner Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Pennsylvania State University; DOE CSGF Alumnus Phase-change Heat Transfer in Energy Systems: Outlook for Simulation Enabled Advances
Session II
Brenhin Keller Princeton University Geochemistry in the Age of Open Data: New Insights Into the Formation and Evolution of Earth's Continental Crust
Sherwood Richers California Institute of Technology Insights Into Exotic Core-collapse Supernovae
Jesse Lopez Oregon Health and Science University Sediment Dynamics in an Energetic Estuary
Wednesday, July 27
Session III
Rick Stevens Associate Laboratory Director for the Computing, Environment and Life Sciences Directorate, Argonne National Laboratory; Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago DOE and NIH Partnerships -- Cancer and Brain
Sarah Middleton University of Pennsylvania A Novel Motif Discovery Tool for RNA Secondary Structures
Dragos Velicanu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Probing Trillion Degree Matter
Andrew Till Texas A&M University Discretization by Machine Learning (and its Application to Nuclear Reactor Simulations)
Derek Macklin Stanford University Towards a Whole-cell Model of Escherichia coli
Melissa Yeung California Institute of Technology Topological Braids and Material Coherence
(Not Released)
Thursday, July 28
Session IV
Miles Lubin Massachusetts Institute of Technology JuMP: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Optimization
Samuel Blau Harvard University Exciton Dynamics of Biliproteins
(Not Released)
Britni Crocker Massachusetts Institute of Technology Effects of Electrical Stimulation on the Human Brain
Daniel Strouse Princeton University The Deterministic Information Bottleneck
Victor Minden Stanford University Fast Spatial Gaussian Process Maximum Likelihood Estimation Via Skeletonization Factorizations
Justin Lee Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computational Imaging and Analysis in Breast Cancer
(Not Released)
Thomas Catanach California Institute of Technology Second-order Langevin Markov Chain Monte Carlo