Wednesday, June 23 — 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Grand Ballroom, Washington Court Hotel

The annual Fellows' Poster Session affords program review attendees a unique opportunity to learn more about the research being supported by the DOE CSGF program. Each fellow is provided space to present his or her latest findings, and prizes are awarded to those who engage in the best visual and oral presentations.

2010 Contest Winners

  • Curtis Hamman — Stanford University (Overall)
  • Anubhav Jain — Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Honorable Mention)
  • Matthew Norman — North Carolina State University (Honorable Mention)
  • Norman Yao — Harvard University (Honorable Mention)
  • Sean Vitousek — Stanford University (Novice)
  • Sanjeeb Bose — Stanford University (Honorable Mention – Novice)

Poster Presentation Schedule

Group I — Presenting from 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Aeronautics and Aerospace
1Noah ReddellOpenCL development and performance gains for a hyperbolic equation solver for plasma simulation
Applied Mathematics
3Jeffrey DonatelliNumerical methods for incompressible two-phase flow in complex geometries
5James MartinParallel MCMC for Bayesian Inference in Inverse Scattering Problems
Atmospheric Sciences
7Matthew NormanA Low Communication and Large Time Step Explicit Finite-Volume Solver for Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Dynamics
9Ying HuSymmetry Breaking in Gold-Silica-Gold Multilayer Nanoshells
11Paul LoriauxCharacterizing the relationship between stimulus-responsiveness and molecular fluxes in mathematical models of cell signal transduction
13Danilo ScepanovicSinoatrial Node Cell Model with Autonomic Nervous System Control
15Eric ChiRobust Statistical Modeling in High Dimensions
17Edward BaskervilleGroup structure of the Serengeti food web: an analysis using Bayesian inference and model selection
Chemical Engineering
21Geoffrey OxberryProjection-Based Model Reduction
23Brenda RubensteinFinite-Temperature Constrained Path Monte Carlo for Bose-Fermi Mixtures
25Kurt BrorsenFully analytic energy gradient for the fragment molecular orbital method
Civil and Environmental Engineering
27Sean VitousekPhysical vs. Numerical Dispersion of Internal Waves
Computational Fluid Dynamics
29Britton OlsonSupercomputing for Green Energy
31Sanjeeb BoseGrid-independent large-eddy simulation
33Paul SutterPredicting radio halo statistics and properties with large-scale simulation
Materials Science and Engineering
35Anubhav JainHigh-Throughput Materials Design: Density Functional Theory Calculations on all Reported Crystal Structures and Beyond
Mechanical Engineering
37Curtis HammanAcoustic Detection of Boiling in Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear Engineering
39Joshua HykesRadiation source reconstruction
41Hayes StriplingThe Method of Manufactured Universes for Testing Uncertainty Quantification Methods
Operations Research
43Kathleen KingAllocation of Medical Supplies During a Public Health Emergency
45Milo LinEffect of Solvent on Protein Folding Rates
47Douglas MasonWavepackets in Graphene
Group II — Presenting from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Aeronautics and Aerospace
2John ZieglerHigh-order hybrid scheme for compressive, viscous flows with detailed chemistry
4Piotr FidkowskiModeling Laser Induced Shocks in Fluids and Solids
Applied Mathematics
6Scott ClarkDevelopment and Exploration of Velvetrope: a fast, bitwise local alignment algorithm on sequences
8Tobin IsaacRecursive Octree Algorithms with Parallel Applications
10Steven HamiltonSolution of the k-Eigenvalue Problem for Nuclear Reactor Analysis
Audiology/Speech Pathology
12Anne WarlaumontModeling the emergence of speech perception and production abilities in human infancy
14Carl BoettigerQuantifying Information Content of a Phylogenetic Tree: The Robustness of Phylogenetic Signal
16Cyrus Omaratomic-hedgehog: A Python-based orchestration framework for OpenCL-accelerated simulation and data analysis, with applications to neurobiology
18Sarah RichardsonDesign-A-Genome with GeneDesign and BioStudio
20Troy RuthsSimulating the evolution of genetic networks
22Alex PerkinsA conditional strategy model accounts for spatiotemporal life-history variation in Snake River fall Chinook salmon
24Armen KherlopianParameter sensitivity and tuning in cardiac myocyte models
26Matthew ReuterSolving PDEs in Complex Geometries with Multiresolution Methods: Embedded Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
28Claire RalphOrbital Correlation and Ordering in the DMRG
30Mark Maienschein-ClineIntegration of high-throughput DNA binding and gene expression data to understand B cell development
Civil and Environmental Engineering
32Cameron TalischiA well-posed restriction-type formulation for topology optimization
Computational Fluid Dynamics
34Eric LiuTowards Discontinuous Galerkin Solution of the 3D RANS Equations
Computer Science
36Jeffrey KilpatrickAssociation graph reduction: a framework for efficient exploration of additive and interactive effects in complex disease etiology
38Samuel SkillmanGalaxy Cluster Radio Relics in Adaptive Mesh Refinement Cosmological Simulations
40Hal FinkelSimulating Gravitational-Wave Production in the Very Early Universe
Mechanical Engineering
42Brian LockwoodParameter Sensitivity for Uncertainty Quantification in Hypersonic Non-equilibrium Flows.
Nuclear Engineering
44Travis Trahan2-D Anisotropic Diffusion in Optically Thin Channels
46Gregory CrosswhiteSuper-fluid felines
48Norman YaoThermal Spin Chains, Quantum Mirrors, and Room Temperature Quantum Computation with Diamond Color Centers