First-, second- and third-year students present their research during the annual Fellows' Poster Session.

Tuesday, July 16 — 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Salons H, J & K

Poster Presentation Schedule

Group I — Presenting 5:15-6:00 p.m.
1Jenelle FeatherMetamers of Deep Networks Reveal Divergence From Human Perceptual Systems
3Kayla McCueModeling Pre-mRNA Splicing With a Stochastic Grammar Framework
5Anda TrifanStructural Factors Controlling Orientation of K-Ras G-Domain Membrane Binding
Computer Science
7Christiane AdcockMultilevel Monte Carlo of Higher Moments Using Task-Based Parallelism
9Julia EbertBayes Bots: Distributed Bayesian Decision-Making in a Robot Swarm
11Brett LarsenToward an Understanding of the Algorithmic Utility of Recurrent Connections
13Melissa QueenDNA: The Future of Computation and Data Storage
15Caitlin WhitterPreconditioning Techniques for the Marginalized Graph Kernel
Earth Science
17Riley BradySkillful Multiyear Predictions of pH Variability in the California Current System
19Ryder FoxImpact of Cloud Microphysics on Idealized Hurricane Intensity
21Kelly KochanskiMachine Learning in Earth System Modeling
23Morgan KelleyChance-Constrained Optimal Scheduling of an Air Separation Unit for Demand Response Under Uncertainty
25Logan KunkaA Ghost-Cell Immersed Boundary Method for High-Speed Reacting Flows
27Sean MarksEnhanced Molecular Simulations of Ice Nucleation
29Amaresh SahuLipid Membranes: Continuum Theory and Simulation
31Cristina WhiteNeural Networks Predict Fluid Dynamics Solutions From Constrained Data Sets
33Priya DontiMatrix Completion for Low-Observability Voltage Estimation
35Kelly MoranBayesian Joint Modeling of Chemical Structure and Dose Response Curves
37Jacob BringewattPolynomial Time Algorithms for Estimating Spectra of Adiabatic Hamiltonians
39Brian CornilleA Comparison of Galerkin and First-Order Systems Least Squares Finite Element Formulations of Electron Magnetohydrodynamics
41Jennifer CoulterA Computational Investigation of Hydrodynamic Electron Materials
43Kimberly CushmanExtracting Excited States From Lattice Correlation Functions
45Steven FrommExploring General Relativistic Hydrodynamics with Particle Methods: Efficient Simulations of Neutron Star Mergers
47Daniel JacobsonAggregation of Brownian Particles at a Reactive Boundary
49K. Grace JohnsonThe Path to Ab Initio Nonadiabatic Dynamics on Multichromophore Systems
51Jonas KaufmanIon Ordering and Structural Phase Transitions in Layered Intercalation Compounds for "Beyond Li-Ion" Batteries
53Alicia MagannDigital Quantum Simulation of Quantum Dynamics and Control
55Ian OchsCharge Transport and Current Due to Wave-Particle Interactions in Plasmas
57Jesse Rodriguez3-D Woodpile Structure Tunable Plasma Photonic Crystal
59Kevin SilmoreCollective Mode Brownian Dynamics: A Method for Fast Relaxation of Statistical Ensembles
61Steven StetzlerA Cloud-Native Shared Computing Environment for Large-Scale Analysis of Astronomy Data Sets
63Steven TorrisiTwo-Dimensional Forms of Robust CO2-Reduction Photocatalysts
65Annie WeiQuantum Algorithms for Hemisphere Jets
67Malia WennyUsing Coordination Chemistry to Manipulate Liquid Structure and Free Volume
Group II — Presenting 6:15-7:00 p.m.
2Yuexia LinA Numerical Model of Vibrio fischeri Growth and Intraspecific Competition
4Kari NormanTrait Data as a Tool for Understanding Biodiversity Change
6Laura WatkinsProton-Induced Conformational and Hydration Dynamics in the Influenza A M2 Channel
Computer Science
8Peter AhrensArray Metaprogramming in the Julia Standard Library
10Edward HutterCommunication-Optimal QR Factorization: Performance and Scalability on Varying Architectures
12William MosesOptimizing Nondeterminacy: Exploiting Race Conditions in Parallel Programs
14Lawrence RoyCharacterizing and Synthesizing CPA-Secure Block Cipher Modes
16Paul ZhangSpherical Harmonic Frames for Crease-Aligned Cross Fields
Earth Science
18Justin FinkelTransition Path Properties of a Stratospheric Vacillation Model
20Sarah GreerPrestack Phase Corrections Using Local Seismic Attributes
22Benjamin TomsEntering the Realms of Decadal Predictability: Using the Ocean to Predict the Atmosphere Years Into the Future
24Miriam KreherMultiphysics Coupling Along a Nuclear Fuel Rod With Single-Batch Monte Carlo
26Thomas LudwigElectrolyte Structure and Solvent-Adsorbate Interactions at the Electrochemical Interface
28Samuel OlivierHigh-Order Mixed Finite Element Discretization for the Variable Eddington Factor Equations
30Clay SandersFrequency-Response Structural Design Using an Error in Constitutive Equations Strategy
32Robert BaraldiBasis Pursuit Denoise With Nonsmooth Constraints
34Anya KatsevichMicrogrid Reliability Under Uncertainty: Static and Dynamic Analysis
36Kaley BrauerUnlocking the History of the Milky Way: The Origin of Highly R-Process-Enhanced Halo Stars in Now-Destroyed Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies
38Matthew CarboneExploring the Applications of Machine Learning to Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
40Gabriela CorreaAchieving Sub-Pixel-Resolution Electron Counting With Direct Electron Detectors
42Emily CrabbComputational Study of the Effect of Lithium Salts on Lithium Superoxide Clustering in Li-Air Batteries
44Sarah ElliottAutomating with PACChem: Thermochemistry for Core Combustion Species
46Olivia HullExtending Surface Hopping to Plasmonic Systems: a Multiconfigurational Approach
48Dipti JasrasariaA Stochastic Approach to Redfield Theory for Dynamics of Large Open Quantum Systems
50Harshil KamdarAssembling the Milky Way
52Claire KopenhaferWhat Goes Around Comes Around: The Circumgalactic Medium and its Relation to Star Formation
54Quentarius MoorePredicting Tribochemically Induced Reactions of Two-Dimensional Materials
56Nicholas RiveraNovel Nanophotonic Light Sources
58Andres SalcedoProspective Cosmological Constraints From Combining Stacked-Cluster Weak Lensing With Cluster-Galaxy Cross-Correlation and Galaxy Auto-Correlations
60Sukin SimToward a Guided Design of Parameterized Quantum Circuits for Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithms
62James SullivanTesting Neutrinos in HACC
64Michael TuckerType Ia Supernovae: Excluding Single Degenerate Progenitors
66Zachary WeinerConstraining Inflation With Gravitational Waves From Preheating
68Blake WethertonValidation of Anisotropic Electron Fluid Closure Through In Situ Spacecraft Observations of Magnetic Reconnection