Dipti Jasrasaria, University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Dipti Jasrasaria

Electron-phonon interactions play a fundamental role in quantum dots (QDs) and understanding phonon emission mechanisms is important in increasing the efficiency of QD technologies. Reduced density matrix (RDM) formalism and Redfield theory can be used to describe the dynamics of excitonic states coupled to a bath of phonons. However, QD systems of interest have a prohibitively large number (N~107) of excitonic states. To circumvent this computational expense, stochastic orbitals will be used to reduce the number of excitonic states required to describe the system. Preliminary results for a simple multi-level system weakly coupled to a phonon bath show that time-dependent observables, such as population of excitonic states, computed using the stochastic Redfield technique converge to the deterministic result.

Abstract Author(s): Dipti Jasrasaria, Lyran Kidon, Eran Rabani