First-, second- and third-year students present their research during the annual Fellows' Poster Session.

Tuesday, July 25 — 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Salons H, J & K

Poster Presentation Schedule

Group I — Presenting 5:15-6:00 p.m.
1Richard BarnesSixty-five Million Years of Change in Temperature and Topography Explain Evolutionary History in Eastern North American Plethodontid Salamanders
3Jenelle FeatherSonification of Auditory Models via Synthesis of Statistically Matched Stimuli
5Alex KellRobustness to Real-world Background Noise Increases Between Primary and Non-primary Human Auditory Cortex
7Helena QiExplaining Unexpected Interactions in the Structurally Characterized Proteome With Large-scale Electronic Structure Modeling
9Adam RiesselmanGenerative Models for Genomics
11Alexander WilliamsTime-warped Principal Components Analysis of Neural Data
Computer Science
13Maximilian BremerPerformance Comparison of HPX vs. MPI+OpenMP for the Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method on Knights Landing Chips
15Carson KentImproving Interior Point Algorithms for Semidefinite Programs
17Brett LarsenComposite Function Minimization for Hypergraph Laplacian Systems
Earth Science
19Riley BradyEmergent Anthropogenic Trends in California Current Upwelling
21Kelly KochanskiSnow and Sea Ice in the ACME Global Climate Model
23Emmet ClearyImplementation of Compressible Flow Solvers With Jameson-Schmidt-Turkel Timestepping Schemes in NGA
25Sarah GadyOptimal Control Under Uncertainty
27Thomas LudwigEffect of Surface Irregularities on Water Structures at Metal Surfaces
29Amaresh SahuThe Irreversible Thermodynamics of Curved Lipid Membranes
31Gerald WangMolecular Mechanics of the Fluid-solid Interface
33Alnur AliGeneralized Pseudolikelihood Methods for Inverse Covariance Estimation
35Nicholas BoffiA Quasi-static Projection Method for Three-dimensional Hypoelastoplasticity
37Mario OrtegaRayleigh Quotient Iteration in Alpha-eigenvalue Neutron Transport Problems
39Casey BergerCharged Pion Scattering With Massive QED
41Zane CrawfordOptimized Algorithm for High-efficiency Atom Transport
43Sarah ElliottAutomated Thermochemistry for Combustion
45Morgan HammerSolvent Effects on the Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Excited-state Proton Transfer
47Harshil KamdarMachine Learning and Cosmological Simulations
49Aditi KrishnapriyanPrediction of the Kinetics of Structural Phase Changes in Two-dimensional MoS2 at the Semiconducting to Metallic Phase Boundary
51Noah MandellHermite-Laguerre Spectral Velocity Formulation of Gyrokinetics
53Ian OchsComputational Approaches to Alpha Channeling in Plasma Physics
55Andres SalcedoA Halo Occupation Distribution Model for redMaGiC Selected Galaxies
57Laura WatkinsMechanism of Proton Transport in Influenza A M2 Mutant From Multiscale Simulations
59Blake WethertonDrift-kinetic Measurements of Plasma Gradients in MMS Data
Group II — Presenting 6:15-7:00 p.m.
2Hannah De JongSaturation Mutagenesis of MYH7 to Identify Hypertrophy-causing Variants
4Jordan HoffmannHow to Build a Bug
6Kayla McCueModeling RNA Splicing Kinetics
8Danielle RagerA Two-dimensional Bump Attractor Model of Spatial Working Memory
10Mukarram TahirAmphiphilic Nanoparticles as Biomimetic Transport Proteins
12Joy YangPredicting Phage-host Interactions Using Alternating Minimization
Computer Science
14Julia EbertInfotaxis in a Multi-agent Sensor Network
16Hannah KlionOptimizing Nuclear Physics and FLASH for Exascale
18Adam SealfonNetwork-oblivious Transfer: Infrastructure for Secure Multiparty Computation
Earth Science
20Thomas ThompsonNext-generation Boundary Element for Earthquake Science
22Brian CornilleHigher-order Advection-based Remap of Magnetic Fields in an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Code
24Daniel JacobsonPulse Charging Strategies for Lithium Metal Batteries
26Sean MarksComputational Studies of Ice-philic Surfaces
28Clay SandersDesign of Continuously Graded Acoustic Cloaks
30Cristina WhiteA Spatial Clustering Algorithm for Constructing Local Reduced-order Bases for Nonlinear Model Reduction
32Thomas AndersonMultigrid Preconditioning for Matrix-free Operators
34Kelly MoranImproving Experimental Uncertainty via Pre-built Gaussian Process Emulators
36Jay StotskyThe Impact of Microstructure on Biofilm Rheology
38Emily CrabbComputational Calculations of the Effects of Defects on HfO2 Properties
40Ian DunnToward Energy-conserving, Linear-scaling, Real Space Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
42Hilary EganComparison of Global Martian Plasma Models Using MAVEN Data
44Kyle FelkerFourth-order Accurate Magnetohydrodynamics Calculations in Athena++
46Claire-Alice HebertCharacterization of Atmospheric Turbulence for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
48Julian Kates-HarbeckAccelerating Progress Toward Controlled Fusion via Deep Learning at the Largest Scales
50Yuexia LinA Discrete Particle Model of Diffusion-limited Dissolution
52Ryan McKinnonGrain Dynamics in Astrophysical Simulations
54Nicholas RiveraShrinking Photons Down to the Near-atomic Scale: Controlling Forbidden Transitions, Developing New Two-photon Sources, and Enabling Nano-photonics at Gamma-ray Frequencies
56Sukin SimQuantum Simulation of Strongly Correlated Systems With a Generalized Unitary Coupled Cluster Method
58Kathleen WeichmanRelativistic Effects in Faraday Rotation Probing of Laser Wakefield Acceleration