Fellows present their research at the annual poster session.

Tuesday, June 30 — 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Penn Quarter B

Group I — Presenting 5:00-5:45 p.m.
1Charles EpsteinThe DarkLight Experiment
3Cole HolcombHelium Detonation Conditions in Head-on Collisions of White Dwarfs
5Io KleiserStripped Massive Progenitors of Supernovae
7Cameron MeyersAn Experimental Study of the Relationship Between CPO and the Anisotropic Viscosity of Polycrystalline Olivine
9Sarah PalaichStructure, Compressiblity and Thermal Behavior of CO2-IV to 24 GPa and 300-625 K
11Hong SioThe MagPTOF Diagnostic for Bang-time Measurements and Charged-particle Spectroscopy at the NIF
13Sabrina StraussRandom Probability Analysis for Superheavy Elements
15Christopher YoungTime-synchronized Ion Velocity Measurements in Oscillating Plasma Discharges
Group II — Presenting 5:45-6:30 p.m.
2Benjamin GallowayExploring the Self-modulated Regime of Laser Wakefield Acceleration on the Titan Laser
4Fabio SanchesThe Black Hole Interior
6Juan ManfrediExtracting Neutron Spectroscopic Factors From 34Ar(p,d)33Ar and 46Ar(p,d)45Ar
8Scott MorelandModel to Data Analysis of the Nuclear Equation of State at Extreme Temperature and Density
10Mareena RobinsonPassive Template-Based Measurement of High Explosives for Future Warhead Dismantlement Verification Regime
12Collin StillmanExperimental Validation of Opacity Models in High Energy Density Plasmas
14Richard VegaDiscrete Ordinates Solution of the Neutron Transport Equation Using a Graphics Processing Unit