Fellows practice presenting their research to a non-expert audience during an annual poster session and contest.

Multiple outreach initiatives help DOE NNSA SSGF fellows and alumni, DOE laboratory staff, and academics establish a community of scientific leaders in stewardship science.

First, the fellowship offers career and leadership development opportunities, including mentoring and networking via the annual program review, at alumni events around the country, and at gatherings at professional society meetings.

The program's annual publication, Stewardship Science Magazine, spreads the word about fellow and alumni accomplishments and the vital research conducted at national defense laboratories.

The annual essay contest, meanwhile, challenges fellows to make their work understandable for a broad audience. Fellow and alumni winners are recognized at the program review and in Stewardship Science Magazine.

Finally, an annual poster session takes place at the program review and offers first-, second- and third-year fellows a unique opportunity to communicate science to diverse audiences from colleagues and scientists representing different fields to lay persons and the press.