Los Alamos National Laboratory

Coordinator: Samantha Lawrence

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Located on a series of high mesas in northern New Mexico, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is a premier national security research institution, delivering scientific and engineering solutions for the nation’s most critical and complex problems.

Los Alamos has a core mission in ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of the nation’s nuclear deterrent, but there is much more. The people of Los Alamos play leading roles worldwide in basic and applied scientific research in bioscience, chemistry, computer science, earth and environmental sciences, materials science, and physics.

Examples include:

  • conducting experiments in space
  • conducting experiments at the Los Alamos Neutron Science CEnter (LANSCE) that spans condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, and dynamic high-energy proton radiography
  • making breakthroughs in nanotechnology and materials science, including quantum dots and high temperature superconductors
  • high energy density physics, with experiments on Los Alamos' Trident laser facility as well as the Omega laser at Rochester and the National Ignition Facility at Livermore
  • high explosives testing and modeling
  • biosciences, including models for HIV and avian flu

Students and postdocs are involved in many of these projects and across all other areas of science at Los Alamos.

Los Alamos National Laboratory is managed for the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration by Los Alamos National Security, LLC.

There is general information for students and postdoctoral candidates under the "Careers" tab ("Career Resources" section) of the LANL website.