Rachel Robey

  • Program Year: 4
  • Academic Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
  • Field of Study: Applied Mathematics
  • Academic Advisor: Keith Julien and Ian Grooms
  • Practicum(s):
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2021)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder, 2017


Robey, R. & Grooms, I. Continuous and discrete baroclinic modes in continuously varying stratification. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (2024).

Robey, R. & Lundquist, J. K. Influences of lidar scanning parameters on wind turbine wake retrievals in complex terrain. In review at Wind Energy Science Discussions 1–27 (2024) doi:10.5194/wes-2024-18.

Letizia, S., Robey, R. N., et al. Tilted lidar profiling: development and testing of a novel scanning strategy for non-homogeneous flows. Submitted to Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (2024).

Black, A., Lundquist, J. K., Montavon, C. & Robey, R. Behavior and mechanisms of Doppler wind lidar error in complex terrain: stable flow case study at Perdigão. TORQUE 2024 Conference paper, Florence, Italy.

Garanaik, A., Pereira, F. S., Smith, K., Robey, R., Li, Q., Pearson, B., and Van Roekel, L. "A new hybrid mass-flux/high-order turbulence closure for ocean vertical mixing." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (2024).

Sanchez Gomez, Miguel, Lundquist, Julie K., Mirocha, Jeffrey D., Arthur, Robert S., Munoz-Esparza, Domingo, and Robey, Rachel. "Can lidars assess wind plant blockage in simple terrain? A WRF-LES study." Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (2022).

Robey, Rachel, and Julie K. Lundquist. "Behavior and mechanisms of Doppler wind lidar error in varying stability regimes." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 15.15 (2022).

Robey, R. N., Nicholaeff, D., & Robey, R. W. "Hash-Based Algorithms for Discretized Data. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (2013).

AGU Poster
December 2023 Energetically-accurate vertical grid for under-resolved quasi-geostrophic ocean

NCAR Ocean section seminar talk
October 2023 Towards a new vertical coordinate to optimally resolve ocean mesoscale eddy dynamics in high-resolution models

NAWEA Poster
October 2023 Assessment of scanning lidar techniques for measuring wakes in complex terrain

AMS Boundary Layer Turbulence Meeting Poster
January 2023 Virtual Lidar in Idealized WRF-LES
(Outstanding Student Presentation Award)

Vaisala Innovations Webinar
December 2022 Virtual lidar assessment of hybrid wind reconstruction

American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting Talk
January 2022 Virtual Profiling Lidar Error in Idealized WRF-LES

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting ePoster
December 2021 Virtual Profiling Lidar Error in Idealized WRF-LES

Interdisciplinary Turbulence Initiative Talk, Bertinoro Italy
September 2018 Mass Flux Closure for Ocean Surface Boundary Layer

Rocky Mountain Fluid Dynamics Symposium Talk, Boulder
August 2018 Mass Flux Closure for Ocean Surface Boundary Layer

LANL COSIM Seminar, Los Alamos
February 2017 Plant Transpiration Models

Parallel Computing Summer School, Los Alamos
June 2016 HIGRAD/FIRETEC Applications

EMPA, Zurich
April 2016 Plant Transpiration Models
E3SM DOE Modeling PI Meeting (dual contribution with Luke Van Roekel and Qing Li), North Potomac, Maryland
November 2018 Mass Flux Closure for Ocean Surface Boundary Layer

Frontiers in Boundary Layers, Santa Barbara
May 2018 Mass Flux Closure for Ocean Surface Boundary Layer

Ocean Sciences Poster, Portland
February 2018 Mixing in an Idealized Circumpolar Current using Lagrangian Trajectory Decomposition

LANL Student Symposium, Los Alamos
August 2013 Hash-Based Algorithms


Dean's List, University of Colorado Boulder (2013,2014,2015,2016,2017)

Graduation Cum Laude

National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspiration Winner