Dipti Jasrasaria

  • Program Year: 3
  • Academic Institution: University of California, Berkeley
  • Field of Study: Chemistry (Physical - Theory)
  • Academic Advisor: Eran Rabani
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2019)
  • Degree(s):
    M.Phil. Scientific Computing, University of Cambridge, 2017; B.A. Chemistry, Harvard University, 2016


D. Jasrasaria, J. P. Philbin, C. Yan, D. Weinberg, A. P. Alivisatos, and E. Rabani. Sub-bandgap Photoinduced Transient Absorption Features in CdSe Nanostructures: The Role of Trapped Holes. J. Phys. Chem. C 124, 17372-17378 (2020).

D. Jasrasaria, E. Pyzer-Knapp. Dynamic Control of Explore/Exploit Trade-Off in Bayesian Optimization. Conference Proceedings of 2018 IEEE Computing Conference: Intelligent Systems, London, UK (2018).

D. Jasrasaria, E. Pyzer-Knapp, D. Rappoport, A. Aspuru-Guzik. Space-Filling Curves as a Novel Crystal Structure Representation for Machine Learning Models. arxiv: 1608.05747 (2016).


DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (2018)

NDSEG Fellowship (2018 - Declined)

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention (2017, 2016)

Herchel Smith Postgraduate Fellowship (2016)

Herchel Smith Undergraduate Research Fellowship (2015)

David Rockefeller International Experience Grant (2014)

Harvard Origins of Life Undergraduate Research Award (2013, 2014)