Wednesday, June 18 — 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Grand Ballroom, Washington Court Hotel

Group I — Presenting from 6:00 – 7:00 pm
1John ZieglerViscous, Reactive, Compressible Flow: Direct Simulation of Mach Reflection and Detonation Phenomenon
Applied Mathematics
3James MartinMCMC Methods for Bayesian Inverse Problems
5Benjamin SondayProbing for “slow” variables using diffusion maps
7David KetchesonOptimal SSP Runge-Kutta Methods
9Natalie OstroffAn engineered eukaryotic clock
Chemical Engineering
11Geoffrey OxberryAutomatic Reduction of Chemical Reaction Mechanisms Through Reaction and Species Elimination
13Kevin KohlstedtChiral symmetry breaking with ionic lattices wrapped around nanofibers
15Jenelle BrayComputational Advances in GPCR Structure Prediction
17David RogersImproved Force Matching Using Bayes’ Theorem and Stretched String Energy
Civil and Environmental Engineering
19Brian LevineNational airspace model: Deterministic optimization of flight frequencies by carrier after airport losses
21Cameron TalischiHoneycomb Wachspress Finite Elements for Structural Topology Optimization
Computational Biology
23Robin FriedmanAssessing Conservation of Individual Mammalian MicroRNA Target Sites
25Ariella SassonDe Novo Short Read Genome Sequencing
27Alex PerkinsApplication of selfish genetic elements to vector-borne disease control
Computer Science
29Arnab BhattacharyyaNoise Management, Inspired by Nature
31Steven HamiltonAn Efficient Multigrid Approach for the Oseen Problem Based on the HSS Iteration
Electrical Engineering
33Zlatan AksamijaBoltzmann Transport Simulation of Electron Transport in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
35Mark BerrillModeling Extreme Ultraviolet Lasers
Mechanical Engineering
37Asegun HenryThermal Conductivity of Polyethylene Chains Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
39Ethan CoonExtended Finite Element Methods for Repeated Rupture
41Carolyn PhillipsPolydisperse Polymer-Tethered Nanospheres in the Double Gyroid Phase
43Gregory CrosswhiteTensor Networks: Weapons of Mass Simulation
45Christopher CareyA Numerical Investigation of Extragalactic Jet Stability
47Alejandro RodriguezIn search of surprises from the quantum vacuum: a computational approach to the study of Casimir forces in nanostructured media
49Paul SutterThe evolution of cosmic structure with coupled dark matter and dark energy
Group II — Presenting from 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Aerospace Engineering
2Peter NorgaardApplication of adaptive mesh refinement to particle-in-cell methods
Applied Mathematics
4John EvansDiscontinuity Capturing and the Variational Multiscale Method
6Michael SekoraExtremum-Preserving Limiters for MUSCL and PPM
8Julianne ChungSeparable Nonlinear Least Squares Problems in Medical Imaging
10Tal DaninoSynchronization of an E. coli genetic oscillator
12Jeremy LewiDesigning Neurophysiology Experiments to Optimally Constrain Parametric Receptive Field Models
14Joshua AdelmanRing Opening Dynamics of the Sliding DNA Clamp PCNA
Chemical/Biomedical Engineering
16Ashlee FordModeling Controlled Release Drug Delivery from PLGA Microspheres
18Jordan AtlasModeling a Minimal Gene Set Drawn from Multiple Sequenced Bacterial Genomes
20Matthew ReuterModelling Laser Field Alignment of Organic Molecules on Semiconductor Surfaces: Toward Ultrafast Molecular Switches
22Jeff HammondCoupled-cluster theory on supercomputers
Computational Biology
24Miler LeeStructural modularity of microRNA precursors
26David MarkowitzRate-Specific Synchrony: Using Noisy Oscillations To Detect Equally Active Neurons
28Sarah RichardsonBioStudio: Computer Assisted Design of Synthetic Genomes
Electrical Engineering
30Matthew AdamsComputational Electromagnetics for Improved Wireless Network Simulation
Health Sciences and Technology
32Danilo ScepanovicA definition and method for estimating instantaneous heart rate
Nuclear Engineering
34Joshua HykesDeterministic and Monte Carlo radiation transport in Computed Tomography dose estimation
36Kristi HarrisAtomistic Simulation of Electromigration in Nanoscale Metallic Interconnects
38Christopher SchroederThe Higgs Boson and the Top Quark in a Box
40Hal FinkelThe Gravitational-Wave Spectrum of Preheating Inflation Models
42Jack DeslippeElectronic and Optical Properties of Nanostructures from First Principles Calculations
44Benjamin SmithGluons from the Fifth Dimension: A Search for Kaluza-Klein Gluons at the LHC
46Milo LinA Landscape Model of DNA Hairpin Kinetics