Michael Tucker

  • Program Years: 2018-2022
  • Academic Institution: University of Hawaii
  • Field of Study: Astronomy
  • Academic Advisor: Benjamin Shappee
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2019)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Physics, Appalachian State University, 2017
    M.Sc. Astronomy, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2019
    Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2022

Current Status

  • Status: CCAPP Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Research Area: Astronomy


When possible, open-source (arXiv) IDs for each manuscript are provided

-"The Whisper of a Whimper of a Bang: 2400 Days of the Type Ia SN 2011fe Reveals the Decay of 55Fe" - Tucker et al. 2021, submitted to MNRAS. arXiv:2111.01144

-"A Rapid Ionization Change in the Nebular-Phase Spectra of the Type Ia SN 2011fe" - Tucker et al. 2021, submitted to ApJ Letters. arXiv:2111.00016

-"Investigating the Nature of the Luminous Ambiguous Nuclear Transient ASASSN-17jz" - Holoien et al. 2021, submitted to ApJ. arXiv:2109.07480

-"Measuring an off-Center Detonation through Infrared Line Profiles: The peculiar Type Ia Supernova SN~2020qxp/ASASSN-20jq" - Hoeflich et al. 2021, ApJ. arXiv:2109.03359

-"SN 2021csp -- the explosion of a stripped-envelope star within an H and He-poor circumstellar medium" - Fraser et al. 2021, submitted to Nature Astronomy, arXiv:2108.07278

-"The Curious Case of ASASSN-20hx: A Slowly-Evolving, UV and X-ray Luminous, Ambiguous Nuclear Transient" - Hinkle et al. 2021, submitted to ApJ, arXiv:2108.03245

-"The Rapid X-ray and UV Evolution of ASASSN-14ko" - Payne et al. 2021, submitted to ApJ, arXiv:2104.06414

-"Late-Onset Circumstellar Medium Interactions are Rare: An Unbiased GALEX View of Type Ia Supernovae" - Dubay et al. 2021, submitted to MNRAS, arXiv:2104.02086

-"Simultaneous Multiwavelength Flare Observations of EV Lacertae" - Paudel et al. 20201, ApJ, arXiv:2108.04753

-"The Changing-look Blazar B2 1420+32" - Mishra et al. 2021, ApJ, arXiv:2103.08707

-"An AMUSING Look at the Host of the Periodic Nuclear Transient ASASSN-14ko Reveals a Second AGN" - Tucker et al. 2021, MNRAS, arXiv:2011.05998

-"ASASSN-14ko is a Periodic Nuclear Transient in ESO 253-G003" - Payne et al. 2021, ApJ, arXiv:2009.03321

-"SN2019yvq Does Not Conform to SN Ia Explosion Models" - Tucker et al. 2021, ApJ, arXiv:2009.07856

-"Discovery and Follow-up of ASASSN-19dj: An X-ray and UV Luminous TDE in an Extreme Post-Starburst Galaxy" - Hinkle et al. 2020, MNRAS, arXiv:2006.06690

-"H-alpha Luminosity of ATLAS18qtd Does Not Plateau in the Nebular Phase" - Tucker et al. 2020, RNAAS, arXiv:2006.02234

-"The Outburst of the Young Star Gaia19bey" - Hodapp et al. 2020, ApJ, arXiv:2008.03396

-"A High-Cadence UV-Optical Telescope Suite On The Lunar South Pole" - Fleming et al. 2020, Artemis III Science Definition Team, arXiv:2010.00007

-"The Rise and Fall of ASASSN-18pg: Following a TDE from Early to Late Times" - Holoien et al. 2020, ApJ, arXiv:2003.13693

-"COol Companions ON Ultrawide orbiTS (COCONUTS). I. A High-gravity..." - Zhang et al. 2020, ApJ, arXiv:2002.05723

-"WISE J072003.20-084651.2B is a Massive T Dwarf" - Dupuy et al. 2019, AJ, arXiv:1908.06994

-"To TDE or not to TDE: The luminous transient ASASSN-18jd with TDE-like and AGN-like qualities" - Neustadt et al. 2019, MNRAS, arXiv:1910.01142

-"Early Time Light Curves of Bright Type Ia Supernovae Observed with TESS" - Fausanaugh et al. 2019, ApJ in revision, arXiv:1904.02171

-"ASASSN-18tb: a most unusual Type Ia supernova observed by TESS and SALT" - Vallely et al. 2019, MNRAS, arXiv:1903.08665

-"Nebular Spectra of 111 Type Ia Supernovae Disfavor Single Degenerate Progenitors" - Tucker et al. 2020, MNRAS, arXiv:1903.05115

-"Signatures of Bimodality in Nebular Phase Type Ia Supernova Spectra" - Vallely et al. 2019, MNRAS, arXiv:1902.00037

-"Detections and Constraints on White Dwarf Variability from GALEX Time-series Observations" - Rowan et al. 2019, MNRAS, arXiv:1812.05614

-"No Stripped Companion Material in the Nebular Spectrum of the ``Two-Component' Type Ia Supernova ASASSN-18bt" - Tucker, Shappee, and Wisniewski 2018, ApJL, arXiv:1811.09635

-"The first 48: Discovery and progenitor constraints on the Type Ia supernova 2013gy" - Holombo et al. 2018, ApJL, arXiv:1809.01359

-"Red versus Blue: Early Observations of Thermonuclear Supernovae..." - Stritzinger et al. 2018, ApJL, arXiv:1807.07576

-"ASASSN-18ey: The Rise of a New Black Hole X-Ray Binary" - Tucker et al. 2018, ApJL, arXiv:1808.07875

-"PS18kh: A New Tidal Disruption Event with a Non-Axisymmetric Accretion Disk" - Holoien et al. 2018, ApJ, arXiv:1808.02890

-"White Dwarf Variability with gPhoton: Pulsators" - Tucker et al. 2018, MNRAS, arXiv:1712.07146

-"Interstellar Interlopers: ..." - Do, Tucker and Tonry 2017, ApJL, arXiv:1801.02821

-"gPhoton: The GALEX Photon Data Archive" - Million et al. 2016, ApJ, arXiv:1609.09492


-Graduate Research Project Award (2018)
-Best Session Talk - IAU White Dwarf Symposium 357 - Hilo, Hawai'i

-Graduated with Departmental Honors, University Honors, Cum Laude
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