Richard Barnes

  • Program Years: 2015-2019
  • Academic Institution: University of California, Berkeley
  • Field of Study: Computational Ecology/Geoscience
  • Academic Advisor: John Harte
  • Practicum(s):
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory (2016)
  • Degree(s):
    M.S. Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota, 2015; B.S. Philosophy, University of Minnesota, 2011; B.S. Physics, University of Minnesota, 2010

Current Status

  • Research Area: Computational Ecology/Geoscience
  • Personal URL:
  • Publications

    **R Barnes**. (2019)
    Optimal orientations of discrete global grids and the Poles of Inaccessibility.
    International Journal of Digital Earth (In-Press).
    doi: 10.1080/17538947.2019.1576786

    **R Barnes**. (2019)
    Accelerating a fluvial incision and landscape evolution model with parallelism.
    Geomorphology: 330.
    doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2019.01.002

    **R Barnes**. (2017)
    "Parallel Non-divergent Flow Accumulation For Trillion Cell Digital Elevation Models On Desktops Or Clusters."
    Environmental Modelling & Software. Volume 92, Pages 202-212.
    doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2017.02.022

    **R Barnes** and Clark. (2017)
    "65 Million Years of Change in Temperature and Topography Explain Evolutionary History in Eastern North American Plethodontid Salamanders."
    American Naturalist. Vol 190, Issue 1.
    doi: 10.1086/691796

    **R Barnes**. (2016)
    "Parallel Priority-Flood Depression Filling For Trillion Cell Digital Elevation Models On Desktops Or Clusters."
    Computers & Geosciences. Vol 96, Pages 56-68.
    doi: 10.1016/j.cageo.2016.07.001

    DeHaan et al. including **R Barnes**. (2016)
    "A Pipeline Strategy for Crop Domestication."
    Crop Science. Vol. 56, Pages 1-14.
    doi: 10.2135/cropsci2015.06.0356

    Runck et al. including **R Barnes**. (2014)
    "The Reflective Plant Breeding Paradigm: A Robust System of Germplasm Development to Support Strategic Diversification of Agroecosystems."
    Crop Science. Vol. 54, Pages 1939-1948.
    doi: 10.2135/cropsci2014.03.0195

    **R Barnes**, C Lehman, D Mulla. (2014)
    "An Efficient Assignment of Drainage Direction Over Flat Surfaces in Raster Digital Elevation Models."
    Computers & Geosciences. Vol 62, Pages 128-135, ISSN 0098-3004.
    doi: 10.1016/j.cageo.2013.01.009 Web LinkCode

    **R Barnes**, C Lehman, D Mulla. (2014)
    "Priority-Flood: An Optimal Depression-Filling and Watershed-Labeling Algorithm for Digital Elevation Models"
    Computers & Geosciences. Vol 62, Pages 117-127, ISSN 0098-3004.
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    **R Barnes**, C Lehman. (2013)
    "Modeling of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in a Two-Species Feedback Loop."
    Epidemics. Vol. 5, Issue 2, Pages 85-91.
    doi: 10.1016/j.epidem.2013.04.001

    Runck et al. including **R Barnes**. (2013)
    "Development of Continuous Living Cover Breeding Programs to Enhance Agriculture's Contribution to Ecosystem Services."
    White paper for "Perennial Crops for Food Security: Proceedings of the FAO Expert Workshop, Rome." p. 229.

    **R Barnes**, Pliquett, Barthel. (2013)
    "Simultaneous measurement of active potentials and bioimpedance during muscle movement."
    Paper presented at the 15th Intn'l Conf. on Electrical Bio-Impedance. Heiligenstadt, Germany.

    Bagshaw et al. including **R Barnes**. (2012)
    "E-tracers: Development of a low cost wireless technique for exploring sub-surface hydrological systems"
    Hydrological Processes. Vol 26, Pages 3157-3160
    doi: 10.1002/hyp.9451

    C Lehman, A Keen, **R Barnes**. (2012)
    "Trading Space for Time: Constant-Speed Algorithms for Managing Future Events in Scientific Simulations."
    Paper presented at the 2012 Int'l Conf. Scientific Computing.

    Mulla et al. including **R Barnes**. (2012)
    "Strategic Planning for Minnesota's Natural and Artificial Watersheds."
    Final Summary to the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources.

    **R Barnes**, C Lehman, D Mulla. (2011)
    "Distributed Parallel D8 Up-Slope Area Calculation in Digital Elevation Models."
    Paper presented at the 2011 Intn'l Conf. on Parallel & Distributed Processing Techniques & Applications.

    Reich et al. including **R Barnes**. (2011)
    "Projecting Environmental Trajectories for Energy-Water-Habitat Planning."
    Final Summary to the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources.

    Software Packages
    High-performance library for calculating compactness scores; useful for quantifying gerrymandering.

    Tools for analyzing massive raster digital elevation models.

    Tools for dividing the Earth into equally-sized hexagonal or triangular cells. A core package of R's "Analysis of Spatial Data" view.

    Reverse engineering of the ArcGIS File Geodatabase format.

    Grid Engine:
    A simple C++ interface to rectangular and hexagonal grids

    Invited Talks

    "Understanding Riparian Landscapes Across Continents or Millenia" Pacific Northwest National Lab's ``Computing at PNNL" Seminar Series (2018)

    "Continent-Scale Terrain Analysis" USGS National Hydrography Working Group (2017)

    "Algorithms for and Applications of Continent-scale Terrain Analysis"
    Lawrence Berkeley Nt'l Lab Terrestrial Biogeochemistry Group (2017-10)

    "Modeling physiological tradeoffs in perennial vs. annual crops."
    New Roots For Ecological Intensification Conference, Estes Park (2014-10-28)

    "Considering grain yield through physioevolutionary simulation."
    University of Minnesota Applied Plant Sciences Seminar (2013-09-09)


    "Leveraging Hack-a-thons and Rapid Software Development for Science"
    Hack for Climate (Invited Talk), Minneapolis (2014-09-12)


    *Associate Editor: Computers & Geosciences
    *Mentor: OLCF OpenACC Hackathon, BNL KNL Hackathon, Boulder GPU Hackathon

    *2018 Fellow: Berkeley Institute for Data Science Fellow
    *2018 MCED Ecological Modeling Award for Best Paper
    *2018 Geomorphometry Award for Best Student Paper
    *2018 Participant: NSF Workshop for Conceptualizing a Geospatial Software Institute
    *2017 Fellow: CITRIS Invention Lab (UC Berkeley)
    *2015 Participant: Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School
    *2015 Fellow: DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
    *2014 Fellow: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

    *2017 TOM Berkeley Makeathon: Most Innovative Project
    *2015 NASA Space Apps Challenge Virtual Location Winner
    *2014 Hack4Good Global Climate Challenge Winner
    *2014 Best Use of Public Data, Minneapolis Nt'l Day of Civic Hacking
    *2014 Code for Good Prize, Seattle Nt'l Day of Civic Hacking
    *2014 Beta.MN Start-up Competition Winner
    *2013 Intel Labs Innovation Pipeline Awardee
    *2013 White House Civic Hacking Champion of Change Invitee
    *2013 ESRI Innovation Award, Minneapolis Nt'l Day of Civic Hacking