In 2018, the DOE CSGF added a new track for those pursuing an advanced degree in applied mathematics, statistics or computer science with research interests that help use emerging high performance systems more effectively. Students in this track will focus on issues in high-performance computing as a broad enabling technology and not on a particular science or engineering application.

Examples of appropriate research areas are:

  • Scientific and engineering model development
  • Algorithm development, analysis and implementation
  • Programming models and languages
  • Memory and performance management tools
  • Performance portability
  • Workflow analysis and support
  • Optimization
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Data analytic computing, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and pattern detection methods
  • Future computing technologies, including accelerators and reconfigurable computing, quantum information science and neuromorphic computing

The interdisciplinary program of study for fellows in this track will still include science and engineering course requirements, ensuring that they are exposed to the computational needs of applications that will use these new enabling technologies.

Please contact us with questions about this new track.