Guy Moore

  • Program Year: 4
  • Academic Institution: University of California, Berkeley
  • Field of Study: Materials Science and Engineering
  • Academic Advisor: Kristin Persson
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2021)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Applied Physics, and B.S. Engineering Physics, University of the Pacific, 2019


D.R. Ladiges, S.P. Carney, A. Nonaka, K. Klymko, G.C. Moore, A.L. Garcia, S.R. Natesh, A. Donev, J.B. Bell. "A Discrete Ion Stochastic Continuum Overdamped Solvent Algorithm for Modeling Electrolytes." arXiv:2007.03036 [physics.comp-ph], July 2020.

G. C. Moore, M. K. Horton, A. M. Ganose, M. Siron, E. Linscott, D. D. O’Regan, and K. A. Persson. "High-throughput determination of Hubbard U and Hund J values for transition metal oxides via linear response formalism." (submitted)

J. A. Cooley, G. Dairaghi, G.C. Moore, M. K. Horton, E. C. Schueller, K. A. Persson, R. Seshadri. "Interrogating magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in Co1-xMnxCr2O4."(in progress; near submission)

G.C. Moore, M.K. Horton, K.A. Persson. "Extension of the source-free magnetic exchange correction to plane wave density functional theory." (in progress)

G.C. Moore, M.K. Horton, K.A. Persson. "SpinPSO: a novel hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm for continuous spin systems." (in progress)

Selected Posters:

Moore, G.C. General Framework for the Determination of Magnetic Exchange Constants for Transition Metal Oxides from First-Principles Calculations. APS March Meeting 2022. (anticipated)

Moore, G. C., Nonaka, A. J., Kim, C., Almgren, A. S., Development & Validation of Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Codes with Surface Chemistry.
SIAM 2019 Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE19). Poster. February 2019.

Moore, G. C., Nonaka, A. J., Almgren, A. S., Application of Implicit Methods to Complex Fluid Flow. Summer Intern Poster Session at Berkeley Lab & Computing Sciences Summer Student Poster Session at Berkeley Lab. Poster. August 2018.

Moore, G. C., Villapudua, D., Nanoparticle Desalinator - Engineering Senior Project. Pacific Undergraduate Engineering Senior Project Demonstration. Poster and Demonstration. May 2018.

Moore, G. C., Feng, J., Yin, Y., Plasmonic Enhancement of Titania Hollow Nanospheres with Gold for Efficient Photocatalysis.
- Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (PURCC). Poster. April 2017.
- Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research. Poster. November 2016.
- MacREU Student Poster Session at University of California Riverside. Poster. August 2016.


Department of Energy Computational Graduate Science Fellow, 2019

Outstanding Graduate for University of the Pacific's School of Engineering and Computer Science, 2019

Dean's Honor Role, 2015-19

Merit Scholarships Awarded by University of the Pacific:

Regents' Scholarship, Merit scholarship, 2015-19

Dean's Scholarship, Merit scholarship, 2015-19

Pacific Scholarship, Merit scholarship, 2015-19

Merit Scholarships Awarded by University of the Pacific's School of Engineering and Computer Science:

John C. Goble Endowed Scholarship, Merit scholarship, 2015-17

Ginn Family Engineering Endowed Scholarship, Merit scholarship, 2016-17

G. Warren and Ruby Zahn White Scholarship, Merit scholarship, 2017-18

Max E. and Jane K. Childress Memorial Scholarship, Merit scholarship, 2018-19