James Larsen

  • Program Year: 1
  • Academic Institution: University of Michigan
  • Field of Study: Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics
  • Academic Advisor: Robert Krasny
  • Practicum(s): Practicum Not Yet Completed
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Mathematics, Brigham Young University, 2023


Larsen, J.B., Grace, M.D., Baczewski, A.D., and Magann, A.B., “Lyapunov control-inspired quantum algorithms for ground state preparation”
Published in CSRI Summer Proceedings 2022 by Sandia National Laboratories

Kocia, L., Calderon-Vargas, F.A., Grace, M.D., Magann, A.B., Larsen, J.B.,
Baczewski, A.D., and Sarovar, M., “Digital adiabatic state preparation error scales better than you might expect”
Submitted to Physical Review Letters.
"Lyapunov control-inspired quantum algorithms for ground state preparation"
APS March Meeting, Mar 2023.

“Quantum Walks on Graphs”
BYU Student Research Conference (SRC), Mar 2022.

“Crowd Noises Classification”
BYU Student Research Conference (SRC), Mar 2021.
“Quantum Walks on Graphs”
Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM), Jan 2023.

“Lyapunov Control-Inspired Quantum Algorithms for Ground State
Southwest Quantum Information and Technology Workshop (SQuInT), Oct 2022.


BYU Department of Mathematics Top Junior 2022

BYU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Dean’s List 2021 to 2022

UT Austin Qiskit Fall Fest 1st Place 2021

BYU Student Research Conference “Best in Session” 2021