Katherine Keegan

  • Program Year: 2
  • Academic Institution: Emory University
  • Field of Study: Computational Mathematics
  • Academic Advisor: Elizabeth Newman
  • Practicum(s): Practicum Not Yet Completed
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Applied Mathematics, Mary Baldwin University, 2022
  • Personal URL: http://www.katiekeegan.org

Summary of Research

I am interested in the mathematics of machine learning and data science. I hope to work on research that will make such methods more mathematically rigorous, scalable, and applicable in various scientific contexts, particularly in imaging and medical applications.

I have been fortunate to pursue these interests at the Summer@ICERM 2020 program in "Fast Learning Algorithms for Numerical Computation and Data Analysis" at Brown University, as well as the "Computational Mathematics for Data Science" 2021 REU in "Learning from Images" at Emory University.

I was an undergraduate student at Mary Baldwin University, where I studied applied mathematics and physics and was advised by Dr. John Ong and Dr. Joseph Johnson.


K. Keegan, D. Melendez, and J. Zheng, Media Processing and a Modified Watermarking Scheme Based on the Singular Value Decomposition, SIAM Undergraduate Research Online, 14, 446-467, 2021.
J. Zheng and K. Keegan, A Modified Watermarking Scheme Based on the Singular Value Decomposition, https://sinews.siam.org/Details-Page/a-modified-watermarking-scheme-based-on-the-singular-value-decomposition (8 November 2021).
K. Keegan, T. Vishwanath, and Y. Xu. A Tensor SVD-Based Classification Algorithm Applied to fMRI Data, SIAM Undergraduate Research Online, 15, pp. 270-294, 2022.


MBU Martha Stackhouse Grafton Award for Highest GPA in Graduating Class, 2022
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (declined in favor of DOE CSGF), 2022
Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society, 2022
Emory University Women in Natural Sciences Fellowship, 2022
3rd place in Undergraduate Statistics Research Project competition, 2022
American Mathematical Society Joint Mathematics Meetings Student Travel Grant, 2021
MBU Advisory Board of Visitors Capstone Fellowship, 2021
Google Computer Science Research Mentorship Program Scholar, 2021
Barry Goldwater Scholarship Nominee, 2021
MBU First Year Calculus Award, 2019
MBU Honors List, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honors Society, 2021
Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honors Society, 2021
Iota Sigma Pi National Women in Chemistry Honor Society, 2021
Alpha Lambda Delta National First Year Honors Society, 2019
MBU Presidential Scholarship, 2018
MBU Experiential Learning Grant, 2018