Mary Gerhardinger

  • Program Year: 2
  • Academic Institution: University of Pennsylvania
  • Field of Study: Natural Science
  • Academic Advisor: Mark Trodden
  • Practicum(s): Practicum Not Yet Completed
  • Degree(s):
    B.A. Physics, Kenyon College, 2022

Summary of Research

I investigate questions of how spacetime evolves and interacts with energy by creating and testing current models that examine the fundamental physics which is the foundation of our Universe. I utilize computational simulations of various theoretical models to test these theories and generate predictions for the formation of the Universe. This includes a wide variety of topics, such as approaches to dark energy and dark matter, probing beyond Einstein's theory of gravity, and inflation and its problems.


(1) “Simulating a numerical UV Completion of quartic Galileons”, by MG, John T. Giblin, Jr., Andrew J. Tolley, Mark Trodden. Phys. Rev. D 109.124021. Published 11 June 2024

(2) "Well-posed UV completion for simulating scalar Galileons" By Mary Gerhardinger, John T. Giblin, Jr., Andrew J. Tolley, and Mark Trodden
Phys. Rev. D 106.043522. Published 15 August 2022

(3) "A novel integrate Sachs Wolfe effect from Early Dark Energy" by Tristan Smith, John T. Giblin, Mustafa Amin, Mary Gerhardinger, Ericka Florio, Matthew Cerep, Shar Daniels
Phys. Rev. D 108.123534. Published 18 December, 2023


Werner Teutsch Memorial Prize (2023)
APS Apker Award Finalist (2022)
Phi Beta Kappa, Kenyon Chapter (2022)
Graduated summa cum laude, Kenyon College (2022)
Graduated with Highest Honors and Distinction in Physics, Kenyon College (2022)
NSF GRFP Honorable Mention (2022)
NCWIT Collegiate Award Finalist and Honorable Mention (2022)
Kenyon College Merit List (2018-2022)
Kenyon College Distinguished Academic Scholar (2018-2022)
Summer Science Scholar, Kenyon College (2021)
Sigma Xi, Kenyon and Dennison Chapter (2021)
Clare Boothe Luce Scholar (2020)
Sigma Pi Sigma, Kenyon Chapter (2020)
Eta Sigma Phi, Kenyon Chapter (2018)