Marc Davis

  • Program Year: 3
  • Academic Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Field of Study: Computer Science
  • Academic Advisor: Dirk Englund
  • Practicum(s): Practicum Not Yet Completed
  • Degree(s):
    B.A. Physics, and B.A. Computer Science, University of California Berkeley, 2020


Towards Optimal Topology Aware Quantum Circuit Synthesis, presented at IEEE Quantum Week 2020 (QCE20), paper to be published in the conference proceedings.
Heuristics for Quantum Compiling with a Continuous Gate Set (arXiv:1912.02727)
I gave a talk on my paper, "Heuristics for Quantum Compiling with a Continuous Gate Set" at the 3rd International Workshop on Quantum Compilation at the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design 2019.


IEEE Quantum Week 2020 Best Paper
Hackathon Prize Winner CalHacks 2019, CalHacks 2016, TreeHacks 2016