Max Daniels

  • Program Year: 2
  • Academic Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Field of Study: Mathematics
  • Academic Advisor: Philippe Rigollet
  • Practicum(s): Practicum Not Yet Completed
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Computer Science/Mathematics, Northeastern University, 2022
  • Personal URL:

Summary of Research

Max Daniels is interested in algorithm design for high dimensional statistical problems. He hopes to explore the fundamental computational and statistical limits of prototypical inference problems, and to use these results to identify guiding principles for designing practical algorithmic solutions to real-world computational problems. In the past, he has worked on large-scale optimal transport and imaging inverse problems.


* indicates equal contribution.

M. Daniels, C. Gerbelot, F. Krzakala, L. Zdeborova, "Multi-layer State Evolution Under Random Convolutional Design," Accepted to NeurIPS 2022. Available:

M. Daniels, T. Maunu, P.Hand, "Score-based Generative Neural Networks for Large-Scale Optimal Transport," Accepted to NeurIPS 2021. Available:

J. Park, N. Smedemark-Margulies, M. Daniels, R. Yu, JW. Van De Meent, P. Hand, "Generator Surgery for Compressed Sensing," 2020. Accepted to NeurIPS Deep Inverse Workshop 2020. Available:

M. Asim*, M. Daniels*, O. Leong, A. Ahmed, and P. Hand, "Invertible generative models for inverse problems: mitigating representation error and dataset bias," 2020. Accepted to ICML 2020. Available:

M. Daniels, "Statistical Distances and Their Implications to GAN Training," 2019. Workshop Article, VISxAI Workshop at IEEE VIS 2019. Available: Honorable mention, best submission to workshop.

M. Daniels*, Catherine Huang*, Chloe Makdad*, Shubham Makharia*, "An Overview of Graph Spectral Clustering and Partial Differential Equations," 2020. Product of ICERM 2020 REU program. Available:


Recipient, Hodgkinson Award - one of 3 students to receive Northeastern University's Hodgkinson Award, one of the university's highest honors for graduating seniors.

Finalist, Hertz Foundation Fellowship - This annual award provides PhD fellowship funding to top young researchers in the applied sciences. In 2022 the committee chose 45 finalists.

Finalist, CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher - This annual award recognizes undergraduates who show outstanding potential in an area of undergraduate research. In 2022 the committee chose 77 honorable mention recipients, 20 finalists, 4 runners up, and 4 awardees.

Goldwater Scholar - one of 22 in computer science to receive the national Goldwater Award for outstanding undergraduate research. Received in 2020 as a Sophomore.