Amanda Bowden

  • Program Year: 1
  • Academic Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
  • Field of Study: Atmospheric Science
  • Academic Advisor: Kristopher Karnauskas
  • Practicum(s): Practicum Not Yet Completed
  • Degree(s):
    M.S. Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, 2023; B.S. Atmospheric Sciences and B.S. Geography, University of Georgia, 2021

Summary of Research

Amanda's research focus is to evaluate how Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) activity change in a future climate impacts atmospheric rivers (ARs) and tropical cyclones (TCs) using Community Earth System Model (CESM)2. An active MJO has two dominant phases, a convective phase that is associated with enhanced rainfall and rising motion, and a suppressed phase that is associated with subdued rainfall and sinking motion. The MJO becoming stronger in a warmer environment could result in stronger enhanced and suppressed phases, which causes its modulation of ARs and TCs to become stronger. ARs and TCs being a couple of the deadliest and costliest weather phenomenons due to their hazards. These intense storms can have societal impacts on tropical islands and coastline communities, which are vulnerable communities to the effects of climate change and intense storms. Ultimately, a future warming climate can amplify more dangers of loss of life and property damage, which encourages for more societal adaptation and mitigation strategies.



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Poster and Presentation:

Bowden, A., and E. D. Maloney, 2023: The Effect of Projected Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Change on MJO Activity in a Warmer Climate. Poster, Annual AGU Conference, December 11 - 15, 2023, San Francisco, CA.

Bowden, A., and E. D. Maloney, 2023: How the Pattern of Sea Surface Temperature Change Impacts MJO Activity in a warmer climate. E-Poster, Annual AMS Conference, January 8 - 12, 2023, Denver, CO.

Bowden, A., and E. D. Maloney, 2022: The effect of projected sea surface temperature (SSTs) changes on precipitation in the Pacific using CESM2. Poster, NCAR Pattern Effect Workshop, May 10 - 13, 2022, Boulder, CO.

Bowden, A., 2022: Career Life Talk. Presentation, North American Weather Modification Council Meeting, April 25-29, 2022, Corpus Christi, TX.

Bowden, A., Maloney, E., Hudson, J., Natoli, M., and J. Whitaker, 2021: The effect of projected sea surface temperature (SSTs) changes on precipitation in the Tropics using CESM1. Poster, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Annual Conference, December 13-17, 2021, New Orleans, LA.

Bowden, A., and B. Aydlett, 2020: The Modification of the Daily Fire Danger Categorization Basis (DFDR) for Guam. Poster, 19th Annual AMS Student Conference, January 11-12, 2020, Boston, MA.

Bowden, A., Collins, J., and R. Ersing, 2019: Hurricane Irma Evacuation Decisions Influence by the Main Hurricane Hazards: Storm Surge, Rainfall, and Wind in Pinellas County. Poster, 18th Annual AMS Student Conference, January 5-6, 2019, Phoenix, AZ.


UC Boulder Colorado Diversity Initiative (CDI) Diversity Fellowship, 2023
Department of Energy (DOE) Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, 2023
American Meteorological Society (AMS) First Place Chapter Poster Award, 2023
National Black Engineering Society (NBES), 2022
National Science Foundation GRFP Honorable Mention, 2022
UGA Geography Department Alumni Award, University of Georgia, 2021
Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society, 2021
Abeneefoo Kuo Honor Society, 2021
UGA Geography Department De Vorsey Travel Award, University of Georgia, 2020
American Meteorological Society (AMS) Warren and Mary Washington Scholarship, 2020
Chi Epsilon Pi Atmospheric Honor Society, 2020
North American Weather Modification Council Scholarship Recipient, 2019
Gamma Theta Epsilon Geography Honor Society, 2019
NSF Weather, Climate, and Society Research Experience for Undergraduates First Place Poster winner, 2018
CDK Global and NAMAD "Fueling Careers" Scholarship recipient, 2017
International Baccalaureate Diploma, 2017