Lucas Attia


Decker, G., Stillman, Z.S., Attia, L., Fromen, C.A., Bloch, E.D., Controlling Size, Defectiveness, and Fluorescence in Nanoparticle UiO-66 Through Water and ligand modulation. Chemistry of Materials 31:13 (2019) 4831-4839.

Jarai, B. M., Stillman, Z.S., Attia, L., Decker, G. E., Bloch, E. D., & Fromen, C. A., Evaluating UiO-66 Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Nanoparticles as Acid-Sensitive Carriers for Pulmonary Drug Delivery Applications. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12:35 (2020) 38989-39004.

Woodward, R. I., Attia, L., Patel, P., & Fromen, C. A., Scalable 3D-printed lattices for pressure control in fluid applications. AIChE Journal (2021).


MIT Chemical Engineering Communication Fellowship, 2022-2026
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP), 2021
American Association of Univ. Professors- Univ. of Delaware Undergraduate Award, 2021
Harward L. Munson Fellowship, 2021javascript:process("fel_home")
Future Leaders in Chemical Engineering Symposium Award, 2020
Robert L. Pigford Undergraduate Award for Chemical Engineering, 2020
NASA Delaware Space Grant Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship, 2019 & 2020
University of Delaware Engineering Alumni Association Scholarship, 2020
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, 2020
NASA DE Space Grant Summer Internship, 2018
University of Delaware Trustee Scholarship, 2017-2021