Peter Ahrens

  • Program Year: 2
  • Academic Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Field of Study: Computer Science
  • Academic Advisor: Alan Edelman
  • Practicum(s):
    Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (2019)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, 2016


F. Kjolstad, P. Ahrens, S. Kamil, S. Amarasinghe, "Sparse Tensor Algebra Optimization with Workspaces," in 2019 International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO), 2019. (Accepted)

P. Ahrens, H. Xu, and N. Schiefer, "A Fill Estimation Algorithm for Sparse Matrices and Tensors in Blocked Formats," in 2018 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), 2018, pp. 546-556.

P. Ahrens, H. D. Nguyen, and J. Demmel, "Efficient Reproducible Floating Point Summation and BLAS," EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley, Tech. Rep. UCB/EECS-2015-229, Dec. 2015. (In review by ACM TOMS)

Tumblin, R., Ahrens, P., Hartse, S., & Robey, R. W. (2015). Parallel Compact Hash Algorithms for Computational Meshes. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 37(1), C31-C53.
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Warren Y. Dere Design Award, UC Berkeley, 2016
EECS Honors, UC Berkeley, 2012-2016
CS61C Image Convolution Optimization Contest 1st place, UC Berkeley, 2013
CS61A Scheme Recursive Art Contest 1st Place, UC Berkeley, 2012