Brandon Wood

  • Program Years: 2003-2007
  • Academic Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Field of Study: Computational Materials Science
  • Academic Advisor: Nicola Marzari
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2005)
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007
    B.S. Physics, and B.A. Slavic Studies, Stanford University, 2001

Current Status

  • Status: Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Research Area: Computational Materials Science


Deputy Director, LLNL Laboratory for Energy Applications for the Future (LEAF)
LLNL Associate Program Lead for Hydrogen and Computational Energy Materials
Modeling & Simulation Lead, DOE Hydrogen Materials - Advanced Research Consortium (HyMARC), HydroGEN Advanced Water Splitting Materials Consortium, and H2NEW Next-generation Electrolyzer Consortium (for high-temperature electrolysis)


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National Science Foundation International Research Postdoctoral Fellow (2007-2008)
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow (2003-2007)
DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Hydrogen Production R&D Award (2014)
LLNL Early Career Recognition Award (2017)
DOE Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies Hydrogen R&D Award (2020)