Eric Sorin

  • Program Years: 2002-2004
  • Academic Institution: Stanford University
  • Field of Study: Chemical Physics
  • Academic Advisor: Vijay Pande
  • Practicum(s):
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Chemistry/Chemical Physics, Stanford University, 2007
    B.S. Chemistry/Chemical Physics, UC Riverside, 2000
    A.S. Math & Science, Victor Valley College, 1998
    A.A. Liberal Arts, Victor Valley College, 1998

Current Status

  • Status: Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, California State University, Long Beach
  • Research Area: Simulational Studies of Biomolecular Assembly and Conformational Dynamics
  • Personal URL:
  • Contact Information: eric DOT sorin AT csulb DOT edu


Bojan Zagrovic, Eric J. Sorin, & Vijay S. Pande (2001). "Beta Hairpin Folding Simulations in Atomistic Detail Using an Implicit Solvent Model." J. Mol. Biol., 313(1), 151-169.

Eric J. Sorin, Mark A. Engelhardt, Daniel Herschlag & Vijay S. Pande (2002). "RNA Simulations: Probing Hairpin Unfolding and the Dynamics of a GNRA Tetraloop." J. Mol. Biol., 317(4), 493-506.

Eric J. Sorin, Young Min Rhee, Brad Nakatani & Vijay S. Pande (2003). "Insights into nucleic acid conformational dynamics from massively parallel stochastic simulations." Biophys. J., 85, 790-803.

Eric J. Sorin, Bradley J. Nakatani, Young Min Rhee, Guha Jayachandran, V Vishal & Vijay S. Pande (2004). "Does Native State Topology Determine the RNA Folding Mechanism?" J. Mol. Biol., 337(4), 789-797.

Eric J. Sorin & Vijay S. Pande (2005). "Exploring the Helix-Coil Transition via All-Atom Equilibrium Ensemble Simulations." Biophys. J., 88(4), 2472-2493.

Eric J. Sorin & Vijay S. Pande (2006). "Nanotube confinement denatures protein helices." JACS 128, 6316-6317.

Allison J. DePaul, Erik J. Thompson, Sarav S. Patel, Kristin Haldeman, & Eric J. Sorin 2010. "Equilibrium Conformational Dynamics in an RNA Tetraloop from Massively Parallel Molecular Dynamics." Nucleic Acids Research 38, 4856-4867.

Gursharan K. Bains, Sea H. Kim, Eric J. Sorin, & Vasanthy Narayanaswami 2012. "The Extent of Pyrene Excimer Fluorescence Emission Is a Reflector of Distance and Flexibility: Analysis of the Segment Linking the LDL Receptor-Binding and Tetramerization Domains of Apolipoprotein E3."
Biochemistry 51, 6207-6219.


Veatch Fellow, Stanford University 2004-05
R.J. Schraer Commencement Award, College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, UCR 2000
N.T. Coleman Scholarship in the Physical Sciences, UCR 1999
J. Gobar Scholarship in the Biological Sciences, VVC 1997