Benjamin Sepanski

  • Program Years: 2020-2023
  • Academic Institution: University of Texas at Austin
  • Field of Study: Computer Science
  • Academic Advisor: Isil Dillig
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2021)
  • Degree(s):
    B.S. Mathematics, Baylor University, 2020

Current Status

  • Status: VP of Auditing at Veridise
  • Research Area: Computer Science


Kostas Ferles, Benjamin Sepanski, Rahul Krishnan, James Bornholt, and IÅŸil Dillig. 2022. "Synthesizing fine-grained synchronization protocols for implicit monitors." Proc. ACM Program. Lang. 6, OOPSLA1, Article 67 (December 2022), 26 pages.

Kirby, R., Klockner, A., & Sepanski, B. (2021). Finite Elements for Helmholtz Equations with a Nonlocal Boundary Condition. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 43(3), A1671-A1691.

Glenn, J., O'Neill, C., Ponomarenko, V., and Sepanski, B. Augmented Hilbert series of numerical semigroups. Integers, 32 (Jun 2019), 1-15.

Sepanski, B. Augmented Hilbert series of numerical semigroups. Presented at AMS-MAA-SIAM Special Session on Research in Mathematics by Undergraduates and Students in Post-Baccalaureate Programs, IV (Jan 2018).


2019 Goldwater Scholar
Recipient of Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Student Travel Grant to the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings
2018 & 2019 Outstanding Math Student at the J. Harry and Anna Jeanes Academic Convocation
Recipient of Baylor Mathematics Scholarships:
- Jerry Johnson Scholarship (2018 & 2019)
- Gene & Ruth B Royer Scholarship (2018 & 2019)
- KL & Vivian Carter Scholarship (2017)
- Howard/Anita Rolf Scholarship (2017)
- Schultz-Werba Math Scholarship (2017)
- Carlile Engineering Scholarship (2016)
Received President's Gold Scholarship at Baylor University
2017 National Merit Scholar