Paul Loriaux

  • Program Years: 2007-2011
  • Academic Institution: University of California, San Diego
  • Field of Study: Computational Biology
  • Academic Advisor: Alexander Hoffmann
  • Practicum(s):
    Argonne National Laboratory (2009)
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, University of California, San Diego, 2014
    M.S. Computer Science, Universty of California, San Diego, 2011
    B.S.E. Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, 2001

Current Status



Loriaux PM, Elkan C, and Hoffmann A. Kinetic network features are better predictors of TRAIL-induced cell death than static features. In preparation.

Loriaux PM, Hoffmann A. A protein turnover signaling motif controls the stimulus-sensitivity of stress response pathways. In review

Loriaux PM, Tesler G, and Hoffmann A. Characterizing the Relationship Between Steady State and Response Using Analytical Expressions for the Steady States of Mass Action Models. In review.

Loriaux PM and Hoffmann A. A framework for modeling the relationship between cellular steady-state and stimulus-responsiveness. Methods Cell Biol. 2012;110:81-109.

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Loriaux P and Hoffmann A. Of Elections and Cell-Death Decisions. Molecular Cell. 2009 May 10; doi:10.1016/j.molcel.2009.05.001

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2007-2011 DOE CSGF Fellow

2005-2007 NIH Training Grant recipient

2004 Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

2000-2001 Mary Gates Scholar