Eugene Ingerman

  • Program Years: 1997-2001
  • Academic Institution: University of California, Berkeley
  • Field of Study: Applied Mathematics
  • Academic Advisor: Alexandre Chorin
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (1998)
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 2003
    B.A. Applied Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1995

Current Status

  • Status: Staff Software Engineer, Life Technologies
  • Research Area: Applied Mathematics / Numerical Methods


G.I. Barenblatt, E.A. Ingerman, H.Shvets, and J.L. Vazques, "Very Intense Pulse in the Groundwater Flow in Fissurized-Porous Stratum," published in the "Proceedings of National Academic of Sciences," Feb. 15, 2000.

E.A. Ingerman and H. Shvets, "Numerical Investigation of a Dipole Type Solution for Unsteady Groundwater Flow with Capillary Retention and Forced Drainage," published in the CPAM report-775, Dec. 1999.

R.K. Sachs, et al., "Random Breakage and Reunion Chromosome Aberration Formation Model; an Interaction-Distance Version Based on Chromatin Geometry," published in the "International Journal of Radiation Biology," vol. 76, no 12, 1579-1588, 2000.

D.Bonachea, E.A. Ingerman, J. Levy, and S. McPeak, "An Improved Adaptive Multi-Start Approach to Finding Near-Optimal Solutions to the Euclidean TSP," published in the "Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference GECCO-2000," July 2000.

E. A. Ingerman, "Modelling the Loss of Information in Optimal Prediction" Ph.D. Dissertation, 2003