Jason Hunt

  • Program Years: 1999-2003
  • Academic Institution: University of Michigan
  • Field of Study: Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing
  • Academic Advisor: Kenneth Powell
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2000)
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing, University of Michigan, 2004
    M.S. Mathematics, University of Michigan, 2002
    M.S.E. Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, 2000
    B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1

Current Status

  • Status: Senior Software Engineer - Integrity Applications Inc
  • Research Area: Aerospace Engineering and Scientific Computing


Dissertation: "An Adaptive 3D Cartesian Approach For The Parallel Computation Of Inviscid Flow About Static And Dynamic Configurations", 2004

US Patent 6,073,951: Articulating Seat/Chassis Interface For A Wheelchair

Bruce A. Banks, Sharon K. Rutledge, Jason D. Hunt, Erin Drobotij, Michael R. Cales, and Gidget Cantrell (1995). "Atomic Oxygen Textured Polymers," NASA Technical Memorandum TM-106769.

Sharon K. Rutledge, Bruce A. Banks, and Jason Hunt (1995). "Reactively Deposited Aluminum Oxide and Fluoropolymer Filled Aluminum Oxide Protective Coatings for Polymers," NASA Technical Memorandum TM-106966.