Jeff Hammond

  • Program Years: 2005-2009
  • Academic Institution: University of Chicago
  • Field of Study: Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  • Academic Advisor: Karl Freed
  • Practicum(s):
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2006)
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Chicago, 2009
    M.S. Chemistry, University of Chicago, 2004
    B.S. Chemistry and B.A. Mathematics, University of Washington, 2003

Current Status

  • Status: Principal Architect, NVIDIA
  • Research Area: HPC System Architecture, HPC Software, Programming Models, Computational Chemistry
  • Personal URL:


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For a complete list of papers and other information, please see

Below is the list of papers that I've co-authors with other fellows (Peters Randles, Ismail, Solomonik, Matthews, Ozog, Hill, Reuter, Richie-Halford, Maienshein-Cline, Finkel).

W. Ladd, C. Jensen, M. Vardhan, J. Ames, J. Hammond, E. Draeger, A. Randles. Proc. 37th Intl. Parallel and Distributed Processing Symp. (IPDPS). St. Petersburg, Florida, May 2023. "Optimizing Cloud Computing Resource Usage for Hemodynamic Simulation"

A. Peters Randles, V. Kale, J. Hammond, W. D. Gropp and E. Kaxiras. Proc. 27th Intl. Parallel and Distributed Processing Symp. (IPDPS). Boston, Massachusetts, May 2013. "Performance Analysis of the Lattice Boltzmann Model Beyond Navier-Stokes"

R. Isele-Holder, W. Mitchell, J. Hammond, A. Kohlmeyer and A. Ismail, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 9 (12), 5412-5420 (2013). "Reconsidering Dispersion Potentials: Reduced Cutoffs in Mesh-Based Ewald Solvers Can Be Faster Than Truncation"

E. Solomonik, D. Matthews, J. Hammond, J. Stanton and J. Demmel. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (2014). "A massively parallel tensor contraction framework for coupled-cluster computations"

E. Solomonik, D. Matthews, J. Hammond, and J. Demmel. Proc. 27th Intl. Parallel and Distributed Processing Symp (IPDPS). Boston, Massachusetts, May 2013. "Cyclops Tensor Framework: reducing communication and eliminating load imbalance in massively parallel contractions"

D. Ozog, J. R. Hammond, J. Dinan, P. Balaji, S. Shende and A. Malony. International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP). Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, Lyon, France, October 1-4, 2013. "Inspector-Executor Load Balancing Algorithms for Block-Sparse Tensor Contractions"

D. Ozog, A. Kamil, Y. Zheng, P. Hargrove, J. R. Hammond, A. Malony, W. de Jong, and K. Yelick. Proc. 30th Intl. Parallel and Distributed Processing Symp (IPDPS). Chicago, IL, May 2016. "A Hartree-Fock Application using UPC++ and the New DArray Library"

D. Ozog, A. Malony, J. Hammond and P. Balaji. 20th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS). Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 16-19, 2014. "WorkQ: A Many-Core Producer/Consumer Execution Model Applied to PGAS Computations"

R. J. Harrison, G. Beylkin, F. A. Bischoff, J. A. Calvin, G. I. Fann, J. Fosso-Tande, D. Galindo, J. R. Hammond, R. Hartman-Baker, J. C. Hill, J Jia, J. S. Kottmann, M-J. Yvonne Ou, L. E. Ratcliff, M. G. Reuter, A. C. Richie-Halford, N. A. Romero, H. Sekino, W. A. Shelton, B. E. Sundahl, W. S. Thornton, E. F. Valeev, Alvaro Vazquez-Mayagoitia, N. Vence, Y. Yokoi. "MADNESS: A Multiresolution, Adaptive Numerical Environment for Scientific Simulation"

A. Dickson, M. Maienshein-Cline, A. Tovo-Dwyer, J. R. Hammond and A. R. Dinner, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 7, 2710 (2011). "Flow-dependent unfolding and refolding of an RNA by nonequilibrium umbrella sampling"

V. Vishwanath, T. Uram, L. Childers, H. Finkel, J. Hammond, K. Kumaran, P. Messina and M. E. Papka. DOE ASCR Workshop on Software Productivity for eXtreme-Scale Science (SWP4XS), Rockville, Maryland, January 13-14, 2014. "Toward improved scientific software productivity on leadership facilities: An Argonne Leadership Computing Facility View"


- Divisional Recognition Award, Technical Computing Analyzers and Runtimes Group, Intel (2018)
- Divisional Recognition Award, Enterprise & Government Group, Intel (2017)
- Young Achiever in Scalable Computing - IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (2013)
- Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship - Argonne National Laboratory (2009 - 2011)
- DOE-CSGF Poster Award - Honorable Mention (Summer 2009)
- Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award - American Chemistry Society Division of Computers in Chemistry (Spring 2008)
- Joan Shiu Award for Student Service - University of Chicago Chemistry Department (2006)
- Freud Departmental Citizenship Award - University of Chicago Chemistry Department (2005)
- McCormick Fellow - University of Chicago Physical Sciences Division (2003 - 2005)
- Mary Gates Research Training Grant - University of Washington (Winter, Spring & Summer 2003)