Ahna Girshick

  • Program Years: 2001-2005
  • Academic Institution: University of California, Berkeley
  • Field of Study: Vision Science
  • Academic Advisor: Martin Banks
  • Practicum(s):
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2002)
  • Degree(s):
    Ph.D. Vision Science, University of California, Berkeley, 2007
    M.S. Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 1996
    B.S. Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 1993

Current Status

  • Status: Senior Computational Research Scientist, Ancestry DNA
  • Research Area: Computational vision, data science, machine learning
  • Personal URL: http://lightdark.org


Refereed Publications
Girshick, AR, MS Landy, EP Simoncelli. Cardinal rules: Visual orientation perception reflects knowledge of environmental statistics. In press (2011).

Burge, J, AR Girshick, MS Banks. Visual-haptic adaptation in the absence of feedback is determined by relative reliability. Journal of Neuroscience, 30(22): 7714-21. (2010)

Girshick, AR, MS Banks. Probabilistic combination of disparity and texture slant information: weighted averaging and robust estimation as optimal percepts. Journal of Vision, 9(9):8. 1-20. (2009)

Hoffman, DM, AR Girshick, K Akeley, MS Banks. Vergence-accommodation conflicts hinder visual performance and cause visual fatigue. Journal of Vision, 8(3):33, 1-30. (2008)

Vishwanath, D, AR Girshick, MS Banks. Why pictures look right when viewed from the wrong place. Nature Neuroscience, 8(10), 1401-10. (2005)

Akeley, K, SJ Watt, AR Girshick, MS Banks. A stereo display prototype with multiple focal distances. (SIGGRAPH) ACM Transactions on Graphics, 23 (3), 804-11. (2004)

Girshick, AR, V Interrante, S Haker, T Lemoine. Line direction matters: An argument for the use of principal directions in 3D line drawings. ACM Non Photorealistic Animation & Rendering, 43-52. (2000)

Girshick, AR, V Interrante. Real-time principal direction line drawings of arbitrary 3D surfaces. Computer Graphics Visual Proceedings (SIGGRAPH), 271. (1999)

Proceedings, Book Chapters, and Other Publications

Banks, MS, D Hoffman, R Held, AR Girshick. "Visual perception in stereo cinema." In L. Lipton (Ed.) Stereocinema, in press (2009).

Banks, MS, R Held, AR Girshick. Perception of 3-D layout in stereo displays. Information Display, 25(1), 12-6. (2009).

Banks, MS, K Akeley, DM Hoffman, AR Girshick. Consequences of incorrect focus cues in stereo displays. Information Display, 24(7), 10-4. (2008)

Girshick, AR. The psychology of art and the evolution of the conscious brain by Robert L. Solso (MIT Press). Pattern Analysis & Applications, 8(3), 256-7. (2005). Invited book review.

Watt, SJ, K Akeley, AR Girshick, MS Banks. Achieving near-correct focus cues in a 3-D display using multiple image planes. Proc. SPIE: Human Vision & Electronic Imaging, (IS&T/SPIE 5666-53). (2005)

Banks, MS, HF Rose, D Vishwanath, AR Girshick. Where should you sit to watch a movie? Proc. SPIE: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, (IS&T/SPIE 5666-34). (2005)

Boer, ER, AR Girshick, T Yamamura, N Kuge. Experiencing the Same Road Twice: A Driver-Centered Comparison between Simulation and Reality. Proc. Driving Simulation Conference, 33-55. (2000)

Girshick, AR, V Interrante. Real-time principal direction line drawings of arbitrary 3D surfaces. University of Minnesota Computer Science Technical Report (99-011). (1999)


2009-2012 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NIH/NEI, 3 years of funding)