Will Fletcher

  • Program Years: 2013-2017
  • Academic Institution: Stanford University
  • Field of Study: Biophysics
  • Academic Advisor: Vijay Pande
  • Practicum(s):
  • Degree(s):
    M.D., Stanford University School of Medicine, 2018
    M.Phil. Physics, University of Cambridge, 2013; B.A. Chemistry, and B.A. Mathematics, Pomona College, 2012

Current Status

  • Research Area: Biophysics


T Lane, W Fletcher, M Gormally, M Johal. “Dual-Beam Polarization Resolves Mechanistic Aspects of Polyelectrolyte Adsorption.” Langmuir. 2008. 24 (19): 10633-10636.

T Zwang, W Fletcher, T Lane, M Johal. “Quantification of the Layer of Hydration of a Supported Lipid Bilayer.” Langmuir. 2010. 26 (7): 4598-4601.

E Flapan, W Fletcher. “Intrinsic chirality of multipartite graphs.” Journal of Mathematical Chemistry. 2013. 51: 1853.

E Flapan, W Fletcher, R Nikkuni. “Reduced Wu and generalized Simon invariants for spatial graphs.” Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. 2014. 156: 521.


Churchill Scholarship, 2012
QuestBridge College Match Scholarship, 2007
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, 2009
3rd Place National Winner, 1st Place State Winner, Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship, 2007
Society of Plastics Engineers Scholarship, Polymer Modifiers & Additives Division, 2010
Robert C. Byrd Scholarship, 2007

The Rena Gurley Archibald High Scholarship Prize, Pomona College, 2012
The John Stauffer Prize for Academic Merit in the Sciences, Pomona College, 2012
The Frank Parkhurst Brackett Jr. and Davida Wark Brackett Prize in Chemistry ($1500), Pomona College, 2012
The Hugh Hamilton Mathematics Prize ($1000), Pomona College, 2012
The Phi Beta Kappa Prize ($2500), Pomona College, 2012
Rhodes Scholarship Finalist, 2011
Marshall Scholarship Finalist, 2011
Phi Beta Kappa, Pomona College, 2011
Pomona College Scholar, 2007-2011
Student Research Achievement Award Finalist, Biophysical Society 55th Annual Meeting, 2011
CRC Chemistry Award, Pomona College, 2008
Tileston Physics Prize, Pomona College, 2008
F.S. Jennings Award (1st place in annual critical writing contest), Pomona College, 2008
Certificate of Distinction, Independent University of Moscow Math in Moscow Program, 2009, 2010
Bixby Mathematics Prize for Sophomores, Pomona College, 2009
Jaeger Mathematics Prize for Freshmen, Pomona College, 2008
1st Place, Claremont McKenna College Undergraduate Mathematics Contest, 2008
1st Place, Lennes Exam (annual math contest for undergraduates at the University of Montana), 2007

Summer Research Awards
Dale N. Roberston Summer Research Award, Pomona College, 2011
Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Charitable Trust Scholar, Weill Cornell Medical College Gateways to the Laboratory Program, 2010
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Summer Research Grant, Pomona College, 2009