First-, second- and third-year students present their research during the annual Fellows' Poster Session.

Tuesday, July 18 — 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, July 19 — 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Poster Presentation Schedule

2020 Fellows — Presenting Tuesday, July 18 from 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Group I - Presenting 5:00-5:30 p.m.
1Alexandra BaumgartReducing the Cost of Chemistry Modeling in Detonation Simulations
3Emily de JongCan We Reduce Structural and Parametric Uncertainties in Models of Cloud Microphysics?
5Ian DesJardinA Proposed Ionospheric Scintillation-Based Method to Detect Sub-Centimeter Space Debris
7Ethan EpperlyXTrace: Making the Most of Every Sample in Stochastic Trace Estimation
9Grant JohnsonKinetic Continuum Simulations of Special Relativistic Plasmas
11Nikita KozakA Deep Dive into RANS Turbulence Modelling: The Role of Deep Learning in Predicting Reynolds Stress Tensor Anisotropy
13Nishad MaskaraHardware-Efficient Quantum Simulation of Strongly Correlated Molecules and Materials With Reconfigurable Atom Arrays
15Albert MusaelianScaling the Leading Accuracy of Deep Equivariant Models to Biomolecular Simulations of Realistic Size
17Graham PashDevelopment of Predictive Digital Twins With Applications to Personalized Medicine
19Justin PorterTracking Nonlinear Vibration Phenomena
21Rachel RobeyEnergetically-Accurate Vertical Grid for Under-Resolved Quasi-Geostrophic Ocean
23Ellis TorranceUtilizing HPC to Estimate How Often Bacteria Participate in Genetic Exchange
25Santiago VargasGeneralized Bondnet: A Generalized Graph Neural Network Framework to Predict Reaction Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Developing Reaction Networks and High-Throughput Screening Runs
Group II - Presenting 5:30-6:00 p.m.
2Marc DavisNumerical Synthesis of Arbitrary Multi-Qubit Unitaries With Low T-Count
4Anthony DeglerisScalable Multi-Value Joint Transmission and Generation Expansion Planning via Implicit Differentiation
6Kiran EidenMultidimensional Simulations of Magnetar-Powered Supernovae
8Margot Fitz AxenThe Impact of Cosmic Rays on Star Formation
10Ariel KellisonNumerical Fuzz: A Programming Language for Rounding Error Analysis
12Mary LaPorteReproducing Kernels: Predicting Grain Carotenoid Traits For a Maize Breeding Program
14Kaishu MasonNiche Differential Gene Expression Analysis in Spatial Transcriptomics Data Identifies Context-Dependent Cell-Cell Interactions
16Laura NicholsDefect Activation Through Hydrogen Release in Semiconductors
18Danilo Perez JrConstructing a Hierarchical Kalman Filter for Extraction of Adaptive Neural Population Dynamics
20Luis Rangel DaCostaFast Approach to Calculating Spectral Densities of Both Molecules and Solids Through Selected Configuration Interaction With Green's Functions
24Margaret TrautnerLearning Homogenization for Elliptic Operators
2021 Fellows — Presenting Wednesday, July 19 from 4:00-5:00 p.m.
Group I - Presenting 4:00-4:30 p.m.
1Olivia AsherWho Lives in a Spore?
3Alexandra BallowLLC Equivalence and Mode Connectivity in the QML Loss Landscape
5Paul BeckmanBoundary Integral Methods for Computing Covariances in Inverse Source Problems
7Ishani GangulyEfficient Connectome Analyses for Identifying Bottleneck Neurons in Behaviorally-Relevant Pathways
9Souradip GhoshRipple: Asynchronous Programming for Spatial Dataflow Architectures at the Extreme Edge
11Jalen HarrisTuning Material Properties: Insights Into Twisted Bilayer Graphene and Moire Materials Through Electronic Interactions
13Gabrielle JonesInterfacial Curvature Impacted Defect Formation in Colloidal Materials
15Thomas Gade JrVerification of Low-n Resistive Tearing Mode Physics in the Electromagnetic X-Point Gyrokinetic Code (XGC)
17Madeleine KerrThe Plume-Thermal Dichotomy of Venus: A Numerical Approach
19Nicole PaganeTissue-Specific Optimization of T Cell Activation in Draining Lymph Nodes
21Abigail PoteshmanComparing Ab Initio Methods to Calculate Polarization for High-Throughput Screening of Ferroelectric Materials
23Paulina RodriguezEstablishing Credibility in Medical Device Simulations: A Risk-Informed Approach to Developing Regulatory-Grade Computational Evidence
25Courtney ShaferGenerating a Map of Subglacial Discharge Across Antarctica Using MPAS-Albany Land Ice Model (MALI)
27Samuel VarnerEntropic Origin of Ionic Interactions in Polar Solvents
29Steven WilsonA Priori Data Collection for Thermodynamic Modeling of Off-Stoichiometric Metal Oxides Via Bayesian Methods
Group II - Presenting 4:30-5:00 p.m.
2Lucas AttiaInterfacial Competition on Drug Crystal Surfaces
4Zoe BarbeauAssessment of Localized Artificial Diffusivity and Interface Sharpening for Two Phase Shear Layers
6Marianne CowherdClimate-Resilient Snowpack Estimation Methods
8Krystian GankoImproving System Identification of Kinetic Networks Using Neural Stochastic Differential Equations
10Juan GomezDeep Learning With Differential Privacy and the Saddle Point
12Bowen JingDiffusion Generative Models for Protein Structure Prediction and Beyond
14Caleb JuA Library for Provably Fast Reinforcement Learning
16Olorundamilola KazeemCharting Uncharted Territories: Journeying Towards Quantum Speech Processing
18Joy KitsonModeling the Spread of Infectious Diseases on State-Level Digital Twins
20Shehan ParmarUnderstanding the Liquid Structure of [N1888][TFSI] via Polarizable Molecular Dynamics
22Sonia ReillyEnsemble MCMC Sampling for Infinite-Dimensional Bayesian Inverse Problems
24Rahul SahayUnconventional Superconductivity in a Simple Lattice Model With Strong Interactionsand Topological Bands
26Timothy TaylorHENS: The Huge Ensemble of Global Weather Extremes Using FourCastNet
28Julia WeiExploring The Dynamics of Phase Transitions in Quantum Simulators
30Victor Zendejas LopezDirect Numerical Simulation of a Statistically Stationary and Streamwise Periodic Turbulent Shear Layer
2022 Fellows — Presenting Wednesday, July 19 from 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Group I - Presenting 5:00-5:30 p.m.
1Daniel AbdulahLibration Induced Gravity Waves on Enceladus
3Christopher AndersonContrasting Topological and Quantitative Structures Drive Stability in Mutualistic Networks
5Lucy BrownA Phase Field Model for Simulating the Freezing of Supercooled Liquid Droplets
7Nina CaoA Platform for Exploring Collective Behavior in Artificial Ciliary Arrays Through Simulation and Hardware in Parallel
9Max DanielsScore-Based Generative Neural Networks for Large-Scale Optimal Transport
11Otto FajenRank-Reduced Second-Order Approximate Coupled Cluster Singles and Doubles
13Nina FilippovaProtostellar Disk and Star Cluster Formation With Realistic Feedback and Non-Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics
15Gil GoldshlagerAccelerating the Optimization of Neural Network Wavefunctions in First Quantization
17Michael ItoBeyond Static Graphs: Understanding Graph Neural Networks and Homophily in Dynamic Node Classification
19Katherine KeeganOptimal Low-Rank Tensor Singular Value Decompositions via Variable Projection
21Jerry LiuConsistency Flow Matching: Single-Step Generation With General Corruption Processes
23Storm MataModeling the Influence of Variations in Wind Speed and Direction in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer on Utility-Scale Wind Turbine Power Production
25Miruna OprescuBeyond Conditional Averages: Robust and Agnostic Learning of Conditional Distributional Treatment Effects
27Carlyn SchmidgallObservations and Modeling of Salinity Variability in the Beaufort Gyre
29Grace WeiUltrafast Lithium-Ion Diffusion in Oxyhalides
31Joel YeModeling Local Neural Population Responses to Intracortical Microstimulation
Group II - Presenting 5:30-6:00 p.m.
2Caleb AdamsHow Sensitive is Fire Behavior to Live Fuel Moisture Content and Other Fuel Attributes? Analysis Using the QUIC-Fire Model
4Elizabeth BennewitzExperimental Proposal for Meson Scattering on Trapped-Ion Simulators
6Jackson BurnsBetter Data Splits for Machine Learning With Astartes​
8Ashlynn CrispA Nonparametric Three-Sample Test
10Zachary EspinosaThe Physics of Summertime Antarctic Extreme Heat Events
12Joshua FernandesIon Transport and Dynamics of Electrical Double Layers Around Cellular Membranes
14Mary GerhardingerA Successful Model for Simulating Massive Gravity
16McKenzie HagenGenetic and Environmental Variance Components of White Matter Tissue Properties Reveal Genetic and Environmental Factors in Individual Variability
18Alexander JohnsonDynamical Data Mining Captures Disc-Halo Couplings That Structure Galaxies
20McKenzie LarsonAn Updated Climatology of Extratropical Cyclones in Colorado
22Kerri LuHyperspectral Remote Sensing of Soil Properties Using Machine Learning
24Tristan MaxsonTraining Accurate and Physically Meaningful Machine Learning Force Fields for Water and Understanding Their Transferability
26Mansi SakarvadiaAll Paths Don't Lead to Rome: Interpreting Reasoning Pathways in Language Models
28Michael TynesControlling AI Surrogates for Costly Science Codes With Accuracy Guarantees
30Emily WilliamsStochastic Integration for Chaotic Dynamical Systems