2020 DOE CSGF Annual Program Review Presentations

Wednesday, July 15
Yuexia Lin Harvard University Reference Map Technique: a Fully Eulerian Method for Fluid-Structure Interactions
Julia Ebert Harvard University A Framework for Distributed Decision-Making in Robot Swarms
Nicholas Rivera Massachusetts Institute of Technology Towards Nanophotonic Free-Electron Lasers
Kelly Kochanski University of Colorado Building Scalable Models of Self-Organized Snow
Blake Wetherton University of Wisconsin-Madison A Drift-Kinetic Method for Obtaining Gradients in Plasma Properties From Single-Point Distribution Function Data
Claire-Alice Hebert Stanford University Precision Cosmology With the Vera C. Rubin Observatory
Daniel Jacobson California Institute of Technology Dendritic Transition in Electrodeposition: the Reaction-Diffusion Length
Thomas Ludwig Stanford University Insight Into Chemical Reactions at Interfaces Using Enhanced Sampling and Global Optimization Methods