2020 Virtual Meeting: Join Us on Zoom, July 13-15

Given the uncertain future of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 DOE CSGF Program Review has moved to a three-day virtual format. The meeting will now focus on DOE introductions and prerecorded talks from this year's class of 25 outgoing fellows. Each fourth-year fellow presentation will be followed by a moderated, live question and answer session, and each day's talks will be accessible via the DOE CSGF website within 24 hours.

Fellows, alumni, academic advisors, university coordinators, practicum coordinators, DOE laboratory staff and other fellowship friends are asked to preregister for access and to receive meeting updates; meanwhile, questions should be directed to the Krell team.

The meeting is tentatively planned to run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Central) daily, with presentations at the top and half of each hour — and a break of up to ten minutes between each talk. Please refer to the online agenda for the daily schedule and talk abstracts.

Fourth-Year Fellow Presenters

  • Riley Brady — University of Colorado (Ocean Biogeochemistry)
  • Brian Cornille — University of Wisconsin-Madison (Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics)
  • Emily Crabb — Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Computational Condensed Matter Theory)
  • Julia Ebert — Harvard University (Computer Science and Bioengineering)
  • Sarah Elliott — University of Georgia (Computational Chemistry)
  • Jenelle Feather — Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Neuroscience)
  • Claire-Alice Hebert — Stanford University (Cosmology)
  • Daniel Jacobson — California Institute of Technology (Computational Chemistry)
  • Harshil Kamdar — Harvard University (Computational Astrophysics)
  • Kelly Kochanski — University of Colorado (Snow Science)
  • Brett Larsen — Stanford University (Physics)
  • Yuexia Lin — Harvard University (Applied Mathematics)
  • Thomas Ludwig — Stanford University (Chemical Engineering)
  • Sean Marks — University of Pennsylvania (Chemical Engineering)
  • Kayla McCue — Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Computational and Systems Biology)
  • Kelly Moran — Duke University (Statistics)
  • Ian Ochs — Princeton University (Plasma Physics)
  • Nicholas Rivera — Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Optical Physics)
  • Amaresh Sahu — University of California, Berkeley (Chemical Engineering)
  • Andres Salcedo — Ohio State University (Astronomy)
  • Clay Sanders — Duke University (Civil Engineering/Computational Mechanics)
  • Sukin Sim — Harvard University (Chemical Physics)
  • Laura Watkins — University of Chicago (Theoretical Chemistry)
  • Blake Wetherton — University of Wisconsin-Madison (Plasma Physics)
  • Cristina White — Stanford University (Mechanical Engineering)

(Registration is limited to DOE CSGF program participants and invited guests. Attendees will be managed via Zoom’s video webinar platform, with Krell staff overseeing access and controls. Specific to this unique year and as a result of the online meeting format, registrants may forward their invitation to colleagues, collaborators and/or family.)