Computation on an Intel Xeon Phi (aka Knights Landing or KNL) Platform

, NERSC/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Argonne National Laboratory

In a joint effort from NERSC and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, this workshop introduces preassigned fellows to computing on the newest platform within the DOE Facilities. Cori, named for American biochemist Gerty Cori, is a unique system comprised of both the Intel Xeon "Haswell" and Xeon Phi "Knight's Landing" compute nodes and a Cray Data Warp burst buffer.

Fellows will learn about the Knight's Landing processor, its capabilities, its computing environment, the slurm batch system, and the storage environment as part of the introduction. Fellows will then learn and practice with the new memory hierarchy, including how to leverage different CPU cache levels and memory allocation to jobs. In the afternoon, students will learn how to leverage the new burst buffer and optimize their code on this new platform. Be one of the early group of researchers to experience computing on the Intel Xeon Phi platform.

Preassigned fellows should bring a laptop and have signed up for a working NERSC account prior to the workshop. Participants must be able to log on using the provided account or their own account to

Abstract Author(s): D. Bard, H. Finkel, B. Friesen, S. Leak