Thursday, July 25 — 4:00-6:30 p.m.

Salons H, J & K; Crystal Gateway Marriott

Group I — Presenting 4:15-5:15 p.m.
Applied Mathematics
1Thomas FaiA Discrete Model of the Red Blood Cell Cytoskeleton and its Use in Immersed Boundary Method Simulations
3Melissa YeungLagrangian Coherent Structures and Invariant Regions: Three Perspectives
5Sherwood RichersLocal Simulations of the Magnetorotational Instability in Core Collapse Supernovae
Atmospheric and Earth Sciences
7Mary BenageTying Textures of Breadcrust Bombs to the Dynamics of Their Transport Mechanisms
9Scot MillerEvidence for an Unexpectedly Large Greenhouse Gas Impact From Natural Gas Extraction
11Hansi SinghHigh-Latitude Orography and Climate: An HPC Modeling Study
13Charles FrognerQuantitative Phenotyping of Mouse Behavior
15Justin LeeAn Interactive High-speed Whole Slide Image Viewing System for Digital Pathology
17Derek MacklinToward a Whole-Cell Model of Escherichia coli
19Michael RosarioStudying the Effect of Shape in Fast Biological Springs
21Joshua VermaasDesign and Development of a Special-Purpose in silico Solvent for Modeling Lipid-Protein Interaction in a Highly Mobile Membrane Mimetic
Chemical Engineering
23Carmeline DsilvaValidating Reduced Models Using Nonlinear Independent Component Analysis
25Andrew StineHarnessing Enzyme Promiscuity: Beyond Lock and Key
27Devin MatthewsNCC: A New, Nonorthogonally Spin-Adapted CCSDTQ Program for Closed Shell Systems
29Jarrod McCleanFeynman's Clock, a New Variational Principle, and Parallel-in-Time Quantum Dynamics
31Aaron SistoEngineering the Flow of Photo-Excitation Energy in Single Molecules
Civil and Environmental Engineering
33Omar HafezAutomating the Image-to-Analysis Pipeline in Biomechanics
35Andrew StershicFailure-Modeling Methods in Finite Element Simulations
Computational and Mathematical Engineering
37Eileen MartinApplication of Lifted Methods to Seismic Imaging
39Victor MindenSpectral Methods for Seed-Set Expansion on Graphs
Computational Fluid Dynamics
41Christopher IveyAccurate and Conservative Volume of Fluid Advection Method for General Grids
Computer Science
43Rogelio Cardona-RiveraA Computational Implementation of the Event-Indexing Situation Model for the Algorithmic Manipulation of Salience
45Sarah LoosFormal Verification of Distributed Aircraft Controllers
Electrical and Computer Engineering
47Christopher QuinnFinding Influences in a Network
Environmental Modeling
49Jamie SmedsmoImpact of Cellulosic Biofuel Production
Nuclear Engineering
51Peter MaginotTowards High Order Accurate Thermal Radiative Transfer Solutions
53Brian PowellAn Advanced Algorithm for Construction of Integral Transport Matrix Method Operators Using Accumulation of Single Cell Coupling Factors
55Samuel BlauScalable Nonmarkovian Exciton Dynamics of Photosynthetic Complexes Using Atomistic Spectral Densities
57Maxwell HutchinsonSelf-Consistent Electronic Structure Calculations in the Shirley Reduced Basis: Plane-Wave Accuracy at Reduced Computational Cost
Group II — Presenting 5:30-6:30 p.m.
2Jason BenderProgress in the Physical Chemistry of Hypersonic Flows: A New Implementation of the Local Interpolating Moving Least Squares Method for Fitting Potential Energy Surfaces
Applied Mathematics
4Thomas CatanachCalculating Failure Probabilities of Water Distribution Systems through Subset Simulation
6Evan GawlikFinite Element Methods for Moving-Boundary Problems: High-Order Methods and Analysis
8Seth DavidovitsTests of Limiters for Discontinuous Galerkin Advection Algorithms
Atmospheric and Earth Sciences
10Christopher EldredLinear Properties of Numerical Schemes for the Shallow Water Equations
12Brenhin KellerStatistical Geochemistry Reveals Geochemical Evolution of the Continental Crust
14Phoebe RobinsonThree-Dimensional Viscoelastic Models of the Earthquake Cycle
16Aleah CaulinA Tale of a Whale: De Novo Assembly and Annotation of the Humpback Whale Genome to Provide Insight Into the Evolution of Cancer Suppression Mechanisms
18Irene KaplowIdentifying Effects of Interbreeding with Neanderthals on Phenotype
20Sarah MiddletonFinding Similar RNA Secondary Structures Without Structure Prediction
22Chris SmillieCommunity Divergence Predicts the Stability of the Human Microbiome
Chemical Engineering
24Heather MayesWhy Pucker? Electronic Structure Calculations to Illuminate a Ubiquitous Feature of Carbohydrate-Modifying Enzymes
26Zachary UlissiSpatio-Temporal Measurement of Intracellular Nitric Oxide Using DNA-Wrapped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
28Robert ParrishTensor HyperContraction: A Physically Motivated Compression of the Electron Repulsion Integral
30Kenley PelzerQuantum Biology: Elucidating Design Principles From Photosynthesis
32Aurora Pribram-JonesTools for Thermal Density Functional Theory
Civil and Environmental Engineering
34Curtis LeeA Narrow Band Gradient-Augmented Level Set Method for Incompressible Two-Phase Flow
36Jesse LopezModeling the Estuarine Turbidity Maxima of the Columbia River Estuary
Computational and Mathematical Engineering
38Miles LubinRevisiting Computing in Operations Research Using Julia
40Matthew ZahrRapid Topology Optimization using Path-Dependent Reduced-Order Models
Computational Neuroscience
42Britni CrockerProbing the Human Brain: Characterizing the Highly Dimensional Neurophysiological Response of the Brain to Pulses of Electrical Current
44Daniel StrouseHierarchical Linear-Nonlinear Cascade Models of Dendritic Integration and Somatic Membrane Potential
Computer Science
46Edgar SolomonikParallel Algorithms for Coupled Cluster Calculations
Mechanical Engineering
48Alexander RattnerMarmotViz: An Extensible Framework for Illustrative Visualization of Time-Varying Flows
Nuclear Engineering
50Andrew TillApplication of Nonlinear Krylov Acceleration to Radiative Transfer Problems
52Eric IsaacsComputing the Ideal Strength of Atomically Thin Materials From First Principles
54Dragos VelicanuCorrelations and Flow in Ultra-Relativistic Pb-Pb and pp collisions at the LHC
56Miles LopesThe Convergence Rate of Majority Vote Under Exchangeability