An Interactive High-speed Whole Slide Image Viewing System for Digital Pathology

Justin Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Photo of Justin Lee

In the past decade the clinical practice of pathology has grown increasingly digital, with digitized sections/slices of patient tissue enabling tele-collaboration between physicians, quantitative analysis of disease from histology, and simultaneous comparison/evaluation of various tissue stains and biomarkers for disease. One significant roadblock to mainstream use of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) systems is the speed at which physicians can view and interpret the large amount of visual data to make a final diagnosis. A single histology slide scanned at 40 times is hundreds of gigabytes in size and most users are not satisfied with the current viewing speeds of available systems. In this work, we evaluate a new WSI viewing system that focuses on speed and ease of use for physicians.

Abstract Author(s): Justin Lee, George Barbastathis, Yukako Yagi