Wednesday, July 21 — 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Grand Ballroom

Group I — Presenting from 5:00 – 6:00 pm
1Krzysztof FidkowskiA High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Multigrid Solver for Aerodynamic Applications
Applied Mathematics
3Paul BaumanCoupling Continuum and Molecular Scales
5Nawaf Bou-RabeeGlobal Aspects of the Book Toss
7Jasmine FooSimulating fluid-structure interactions (FSI) using the spectral/hp element method
9Boyce GriffithSimulating Cardiac Electrophysiology in Complex Geometries
11Samuel SchofieldDirect numerical simulation of jets in fluids with stable density stratification
13Gregory NovakSimulations of the Lyman Alpha Forest
15Michael DriscollRapid Reverse-Engineering of Shewanella Gene Networks: Applications for Bioremediation
17Julian MintserisOptimizing Protein Representations with Information Theory
19Joshua WaterfallSloppy Modeling of Biological Signaling Networks
Chemical Engineering
21Mary BiddyUsing Mechanical Constants to Predict Pour Points of Environmental Friendly Lubricants
23Heather NetzloffGrowing Potential Energy Surfaces: The Interface of Grow and GAMESS
Civil Engineering
25Kristine CochranComparison of 3-D Small-Scale Yielding Fatigue Crack Closure Behavior using both Nonlinear and Linear Kinematic Hardening Plasticity Constitutive Models
27Alex LindbladSoft-Tissue and Needle Modeling for a Real-Time Finite Element Based Bi-Manual Surgical Suturing Simulator
Computational Biology
29Bree AldridgeNonlinear Dynamics and Signaling Networks: Towards Understanding the Decision-Making Mechanisms in the Apoptotic Signaling Network
Computer Science
31Yan KarklinThe Shape of RNA: can secondary structure alone predict RNA family?
33Brian TaylorComputation of Cellular Detonation
Electrical Engineering
35Aron CummingsMolecular dynamics simulation of the thermal properties of y-junction carbon nanotubes
Electrical Engineering/Computer Science
37Sommer GentryHaptic dancing: Human performance at haptic decoding with a vocabulary
39Amoolya SinghDynamics of Bacterial Chemotaxis
Environmental Modeling
41Michael BaradA Fourth Order Accurate Adaptive Mesh Refinement Method for Poisson’s Equation
43Matthew WolinskyCoupled Stratigraphic Evolution and Fluid Flow in Sedimentary Basins
Mechanical Engineering
45William ConleyNonlinear Dynamcs in Tomlinson’s Model for Atomic Scale Friction
47Michael GremingerReal-Time Three-Dimensional Visualization of Microscope Image Sequences
49Nathaniel MorganNumerical Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Nuclear Engineering
51Gregory DavidsonFinite Element Transport using Wachspress Rational Functions on Quadrilaterals in Diffusive Regions
53Heath HanshawAsymptotically Accurate Transport Discretization and Acceleration Schemes
55Kristopher AndersenOrigin of permanent electric dipoles in homonuclear niobium clusters
57Mark RudnerDynamics of 3D Spin Systems with Non-Adiabatically Traversed Quantum Phase Transitions
Vision Science
59Ahna GirshickImproved stereoscopic performance with consistent vergence and accommodative cues in a novel 3d display
Group II — Presenting from 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Aerospace Engineering
2Matthew McNenlyLow Discrepancy Particle Simulation of Collisionless Flows
Applied Mathematics
4Kevin ChuModeling of Ion Transport in Micro- and Nano-Electrochemical Systems
6Samuel StechmannRotating Circular Peakons
8Marcelo Alvarez21cm Emission and Absorption During Reionization
10William TriffoTowards Understanding the Nature of the “Cochlear Amplifier”: Modeling the Physiology of the Outer Hair Cell
12Annette EvangelistiMolecular evolution in the yeast transcriptional regulation network
Chemical Engineering
14Owen HehmeyerThermodynamics and Structure of Polymers in Confinement
16Ahmed IsmailMultiresolution modeling of polymers using wavelet-accelerated Monte Carlo
18Randall McDermottEnsemble mean closure using One-Dimensional Turbulence
20Christina SmithCar-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Metal Oxide/Water Interfaces
22Obioma UcheAn Investigation of the Realizability of Correlation Functions
24Christopher RinderspacherOptimizing the Energy in Geminal Functional Theory
26Mary Ann LeungComputational studies of a BEC trapped in multiple connected wells requiring efficient sparse matrix routines in a massively parallel processing environment
28Tod PascalDNA NanoSystems Simulations
Computational Biology
30Benjamin LewisPrediction of Mammalian MicroRNA Targets
Computational Neuroscience
32Michael WuFrom Local Learning Rules to Systems of Nonlinear Volterra Integrodifferential Equations
Computer Science
34Kristen GraumanFast Contour Matching Using Approximate Earth Mover’s Distance
36Sarah MoussaMachine Learning in Computational Genomics: Building Structural Protein Phylogenies
38David SchmidtCommunication Channels and Genetic Sequence Analysis
40Michael WolfImproving the Parallel Efficiency of Tau3P, a Parallel Electromagnetic Field Solver
Electrical Engineering
42Jaydeep BardhanAn Integral Formulation and Fast Solver for Biomolecule Electrostatic Analysis
44Richard KatzComputational Geodynamics with PETSc
Geological and Planetary Sciences
46Emma RaineyModeling icy satellite interiors: effects of grain size-dependent viscosity
Materials Science
48Jason SeseNanoengineering of Hybrid Carbon Nanotube-Metal Nanocluster Composite Materials for Hydrogen Storage
50Brandon WoodA First-principles Study of Ionic Conductivity in Superionic Solids
52Elijah NewrenComputational Modeling of Platelet Aggregation and Blood Coagulation
Mechanical Engineering
54Mary DunlopGenetic Circuit Design: Ideas from Control Theory
56Seung LeeMolecular Dynamics Study of Vinculin Activation due to Talin Binding
Nuclear Engineering
58Teresa BaileyA Piecewise Linear Finite Element Discretization of the Diffusion Equation