Real-Time Three-Dimensional Visualization of Microscope Image Sequences

Michael Greminger, University of Minnesota

Photo of Michael Greminger

A method to visualize a sequence of standard light microscope images in three-dimensions will be presented. Microscope optics produce images with a low depth of field. As a result, microscope images provide little depth information for the user. The method presented will increase the depth of field of microscope images and will provide for the three-dimensional visualization of microscope images. A volume rendering approach is used to perform the visualization. By using the processing functionality available in current 3D graphics hardware, this visualization can be preformed in real-time. In addition, two views can be constructed simultaneously to construct stereo pairs for a 3D display. This three-dimensional imaging method will provide improved microscope feedback for microassembly and micromanipulation tasks.

Abstract Author(s): Michael Greminger, James Jones