Nonlinear Dynamcs in Tomlinson’s Model for Atomic Scale Friction

William Conley, Purdue University

Photo of William Conley

Tomlinson’s model is often used to describe the motion of a single asperity or of a friction force microscope cantilever tip sliding over an atomic lattice. New results have been found on the complex dynamic behavior found in the model by using a combination of continuation methods, perturbation techniques and numerical simulations. Specifically the bifurcations of static equilibria and periodic stick-slip motions are investigated in the slow sliding speed range and in the speed range corresponding to the onset of resonance dynamics. The results predict a complex range of bifurcations and possibly chaotic dynamics which bear significant implications for understanding single-asperity friction or the dynamic response of microcantilever friction force microscope tips.

Abstract Author(s): WG Conley, A Raman, CM Krousgrill<br />Purdue University