Wednesday, July 16 — 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Grand Ballroom

Group I — Presenting from 5:00 – 5:40 pm
Aerospace Engineering
1Justin KooComputational Modeling of Stationary Plasma Thrusters
3Ryan ElliottStability concepts for thermally-induced martensitic transformations in crystals
Aerospace Engineering and Astronomy
5Mary DunlopJet Noise Prediction
Applied Mathematics
7Kevin ChuPreliminary Steps in Modeling Rechargeable Batteries
9Catherine NormanContact Line Motion with Level Sets
11Michael DriscollDynamical Motifs in Gene Regulatory Networks
13Gavin ConantDuplicate genes and robustness to transient gene knockouts in Caenorhabditis elegans
15Joshua WaterfallModelling Quorum Sensing in Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Chemical Engineering
23Mary BiddyMolecular Engineering of Triacylglycerols
25Obioma UcheConcerning Maximal Packing Arrangements of Binary Disk Mixtures
17Daniel HornerComputational methods in electron-driven chemistry
19Joyce NoahKinetic theory of density fluctuations in one component monatomic fluids at equilibrium
Chemistry and Biochemistry
21Catherine GrassoPOAVIZ: a Partial Order Multiple Sequence Alignment Visualizer
Civil Engineering
27Kristine CochranThe Role of Cyclic Plasticity on the Low-cycle Fatigue Performance of the Space Shuttle Main Engine Steel Components
Computational Astrophysics
29Marcelo AlvarezRadiative Transfer in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations of Cosmological Reionization
Computational Neuroscience
31Michael WuHow Can a Neuron Interpret a Spike Train?
Computer Science
33Yan KarklinA Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Learning Higher-order Structure in High-dimensional Datasets
35Richard MillsAdapting to Memory Pressure from within Scientific Applications on Multiprogrammed Clusters of Workstations
Electrical Engineering
37Jaydeep BardhanFast Methods for Biomolecule Charge Optimization
39David SchmidtA Coding Theory Framework for Genetic Sequence Analysis
41Richard KatzToward Computational Models of Magma Genesis and Geochemical Transport in Subduction Zones
Geophysical Engineering
43Samuel SchofieldA Finite Element Preconditioner for Semi-structured Spectral Element Applications
45Elijah NewrenVirtual Blood
Mechanical Engineering
47Nathaniel MorganNumerical Simulation of Phase Transition in Porous Media
Nuclear Engineering
49Nathan CarstensEfficient Parallelization of the Monte Carlo N Particle (MCNP) K-code
51Gregory DavidsonFinite Element Radiation Transport on Quadrilaterals using Wachspress Rational Basis Functions
53Kristopher AndersenElectronic structure of quantum dots
55Devin BalkcomRobotic Origami Folding
Group II — Presenting from 5:50 – 6:30 pm
Aerospace Engineering
2Matthew McNenlySlip Model Performance for Internal MEMS Gas Flows
Applied Mathematics
4Nawaf Bou-RabeeAsymptotic and Numerical Analysis of Electrostatic Buckling of Cantilevers
6Benjamin KirkAdaptive Mesh Refinement for Parallel Finite Element Simulations
8L. Jonathan DursiMicrophysics of Astrophysical Flames
10Gregory NovakSimulations of the Lyman Alpha Forest
12Bree AldridgeA mathematical model of insulin signaling in the apoptosis decision network
14Julian MintserisGetting the Most Out of Statistical Potentials: Optimized Representations for Protein-protein Interactions and Fold Recognition
16Annette EvangelistiA tractable method for computing the distribution of receptor-ligand aggregation size
Chemical Engineering
18Owen HehmeyerMonte Carlo Simulation of Colloid and Polymer Systems
20Randall McDermottODT subgrid closure for LES: application to decaying isotropic turbulence
22Mary Ann LeungSimulating Copper/Nickel Sandwiches using Paratec
24Christopher RinderspacherAn Aufbau-Ansatz for Geminal Functional Theory
Civil Engineering
26Alex LindbladReal-Time Finite Element Models for an Immersive Surgical Simulation Environment
Computational Neuroscience
28Benjamin LewisModelling RNA Structures that Mediate Specific Nucleic Acid Recognition applied to the Inference of MicroRNA-Target Interactions
Computer Science
30Amoolya SinghPathway Evolution and Modularity of Bacterial Stress Responses
Electrical Engineering
32Courtney RobyPhotonic Crystals Using Self-Assembly of Metallo-Dielectric Nanospheres
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
34Sommer GentryOptimal robot base placement for robotic shipwelding
Environmental Modeling
36Michael BaradSecond Order Accurate Embedded Boundary Methods for the Solution of PDE’s
38Matthew WolinskyOverpressure Development on Passive Margins: Effects of Loading by Dynamic Deposition Fronts
Mathematics and Scientific Computation
40Benjamin KeenA Second Order Kinetic Scheme for Gas Dynamics on Arbitrary Grids
Mechanical Engineering
42Michael GremingerVision-Based Force Measurement Using the Boundary Element Method
44Seung LeeTheoretical Modeling of the Interactions Between Gram-negative Bacteria with Mineral Surfaces
Medical Physics
46Michael KowalokCoupled Adjoint and Forward Monte Carlo Radiation Transport for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Nuclear Engineering
48Heath HanshawAsymptotically Derived Discretization and Acceleration Schemes for Radiation Transport
50Teresa BaileyAn Adaptive Mesh Refinement Scheme for the Linear Transport Equation in R-Z Geometry
52Matthew AndersonConstrained Evolution in Numerical Relativity via PETSc and SUNDIALS
Vision Science
54Ahna GirshickSurface Cues and Perceived Distortions in Pictorial Images